California Contractor
Kalb is recognized as an expert on licensing issues
” I look forward to David Kalb’s column every month, but I notice he’s not in every issue. Please make sure we don’t miss any of his great advice. He gives practical information about problems we face every day. He’s the best!”
Derek and Maggie Weisner
Letter to the Editor
Ridgecrest, CA
Indoor Comfort News
Kalb is recognized as an expert on licensing issues
“Capitol Services Inc. held an open house to celebrate 25 years in business assisting contractors with licensing services… Being located near state government offices and developing contacts within the agencies, enables Capitol Services to accelerate licensing and paperwork issues … saving contractors time and frustration…Kalb is recognized as an expert on licensing issues… routinely answering questions by phone and email from contractors and attorneys….”
Construction Data
Services Provided to Help Out-Of-State Contractors Break Into California Market
“The Pacific Coast Builders Conference recently recognized David Kalb as an expert during a three-day seminar in San Francisco… Hundreds of contractors across the county — many with little time to waste — have called Capitol Services to help them get a license in California.”
Comstock’s Magazine
Mr. Can Do:
David Kalb cuts bureaucratic red tape for fun and profit
“…these true case scenarios represent California state bureaucratic red tape at its worst. But instead of throwing their hands up in frustration, more and more private business owners are looking for a way to beat the system. Enter David Kalb.”
Los Angeles Times
Making a Living From Cutting Red Tape
“Although he specializes in helping the construction industry….Kalb is also an expert at ferreting out public, but obscure information needed to close real estate deals or win lawsuits.”
California Republic
“Rambo Of Red Tape”
“Kalb has hurdled a diverse set of administrative challenges. Some examples of this: qualifying a corporation with the Secretary of State overnight; preparing contractor clients for the state exam; and reviving California corporations that have lapsed.”

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