A Middle Showing

While this column is a contractor’s interactive resource featuring questions and answers based in real-world experience, the ‘Q&A’ also sometimes can tell a ‘story’. This time the questions begin with getting a California license, a middle showing how to help make it work and grow for you. And ends with, taking your license beyond the border and back again. While the questions don’t usually lineup in some, or any, ‘story’ form, there is always something valuable to learn…

Q: I’m currently in the process of filing applications for an Original Contractor’s License in California and Nevada. However, I have two individuals that would like to sit for the exam under one corporation. Will I have to submit two separate applications or can both men’s information be submitted on one application?

A: Nevada allows applicants to file one application and list two qualifiers. Each will need to show the requisite 4 years experience in his trade. Unfortunately in California, under the situation described, you cannot submit one application with two qualifiers. When an exam is required, the CSLB will only allow one person to be listed as the qualifying individual. Also, the Contractors Board will not accept two applications for a corporate license at the same time — with the same classification.

Q: I have been a licensed CA contractor for 7 years. I hold the “B” classification and would like to expand my business into Nevada. One of my customers has asked me to look at a job there. Can I use my CA license? If not, will I need to take the NV state exams?

A: You cannot use your CA contractor’s license in NV; however, since CA and NV have a reciprocal licensing agreement, you should be granted a waiver of the general building exam. Each state honors the others qualifications for a number of classifications if the applicant has been a licensed contractor in good standing for 5 of the past 7 years, Likewise, both states still require that applicants pass the business management (law) test.

Q: I’m a California contractor and have been thinking of moving to Arizona. How can I use my qualifications from CA to get a license there?

A: See above response! California, Arizona and Nevada (as well as Utah) have a reciprocity agreement that allows a contractor in one state to get a license in one of the other states with no trade exam. While most classifications are honored, there are a several exceptions unique to each state.