Contractors License Partnership Changes

What you need to make your contractor’s application move quickly thru the CSLB is sometimes right at your fingertips. You can ‘do it yourself’ but other times, like our second contractor, it’s a good idea to ask an expert. I’ll help him get ‘pumped up’ to add a new classification without taking a test. Finally, there may be a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer when you want to start changing a partner’s relationship with the company…

Q: How long would it take and what is the process to change the RMO on our contractor’s license if the new RMO already has a contractor’s license and has been finger printed?

A: You’ll need to file an application for replacing the Qualifying Individual. The likely processing time at present, since the person has already been fingerprinted, is 4 weeks. The Board’s review backlog changes on a regular basis. It will almost certainly run another two weeks, or more, if fingerprints have not previously cleared the review process.

Q: Our company is interested in building gas stations. We are a “B” general contractor. Do we need a special license to build these stations or will the “B” work?

A: A “B” contractor can handle construction of commercial buildings, including gas stations. This assumes you are building the entire structure or at least handling more than two unrelated trades. There is a specialty classification (“C-61″/”D40”) for Service Station Equipment and Maintenance that covers the installation of underground storage tanks up to 20,000 gallons as well as installing the auto hoists, air hoses, grease racks, gas ‘pumps’ etc.

If interested, there is no test for this trade; however, the applicant must show 4 or more years experience.

Q: We have a partnership license. Can we change our Qualifying Partner (QP) to an RME? If not, can we simply cancel this license and apply for a new license with the same business name?

A: Changing the QP to a RME would cause the license to be canceled. Any change of a General Partner (adding or subtracting) results in the license being cancelled. Yes, you can choose to cancel the existing license and reapply for a new one with the same name. (A new license number will be assigned.)

Recent legislation enacted by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor should help small businesses throughout CA. AB 761 (Coto) was signed in October and requires each state agency to establish a 25% goal for the participation of small businesses in the construction of the State’s infrastructure contracts.

The various infrastructure-related bond acts passed by the voters in 2006, set the above goal in order to encourage participation of small businesses in the construction of the state’s infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to: Highway Safety and Traffic Reduction; Housing and Emergency Shelter; Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities and Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention.

To qualify, you will need to be registered with the State Dept. of General Services (DGS) as an officially recognized “small business”. For information on this program and how to get certified, contact the OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS AND DISABLED VETERAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CERTIFICATION (OSDC) by phone at (800) 559-5529 or on the web at