California Contractors License Experience

While I can guide you through the complexities of California contractor’s licensing, only you can gain the experience necessary for success. How much of that work will be accepted is always the call of CSLB staff as more than one contractor has discovered…

Q: I have a “C-27” license and applied for a General Building “B”. The Contractors Board rejected my application saying I did not have the proper experience. Would you look over what I sent them and tell me why this work doesn’t qualify me for a General Building license? Is the CSLB right?

A: Based on what you provided, my opinion is the CSLB is correct. While you have experience in plumbing, electrical, concrete, etc. it is all related to your landscaping work. I do not see anything related to a building or structure such as room additions or remodeling (patio’s do not count).

Q. I have an “A” license and would like to qualify for the “C-34” (pipeline) classification. Do you think I can get this without taking the trade test?

A: Because all aspects of the “C-34” are included under the General Engineering classification, you have an excellent shot at adding this to your existing license with a waiver of the trade exam.

Q: I have a drywall license and was looking to apply for a painting license. I have done some painting after the drywall is in place and want to know if you think I qualify for this trade?

A: Unless you have 4 or more years experience in the painting (“C-33”) trade it is highly unlikely you would qualify to sit for this exam. The Contractors Board requires 4 years FULL TIME experience (within the past ten years) in order to qualify for any classification.

Q: I have a question about Joint Ventures. My corporation is going to Joint Venture with another company and we both hold General Engineering licenses. Does it matter who we designate as our qualifying person?

A: Unlike all other licenses issued by the CSLB, they do not specify a qualifier on Joint Ventures. You’re licensing the entities and, while both qualifiers must sign the application, the license will not list any of the individuals.

Q: With all the housing problems, my work has been decreasing. I have a “B” license and was considering applying for the “C-36” and “C-33” classifications so I could hopefully increase my business. What would be involved in getting these trades?

A: I have received several calls from General builders who are looking at other avenues during this down housing market. In each case, you will need to file an application for additional classification documenting 4 or more years of experience. You can claim plumbing (“C-36”) and painting (“C-33”) experience you have gained while handling this type of work under your “B” license. Because a trade exam will be involved, you may only apply for one classification at a time.