Adding Classifications to your California Contractors License

As times change contractors change with them. Many of the questions now coming to my attention regard adding to or expanding their licensed contracting opportunity. If you are looking for answers to a slowdown in your primary business these contractors may have shown the way to survive the downturn…

Q: I currently have a General “A” and a “C-4” Boiler license. Can I keep my “A” with my current company (I am the 100% owner of an S-Corp) and start another company with just the “C-4” (where I’ll also own 100%). Or do I have to find (and hire) a different person to be the RME? Thank you in advance.

A: As long as you own at least 20% of both entities, you can form a new company with the “C-4” classification only. This could be as a sole owner or second corporation. There is no need to hire a different person as your qualifier.

Q: I currently hold an “A” license and want to add a paving license to the dba.

How do I this without having to take a test. Thanks.

A: Since you hold the “A” license it should not be too difficult to add the “C-12” (Earthwork and Paving) classification to your license without taking an exam. You’ll need to file an Application for Additional Class and provide detailed information related to his trade. This includes a list showing that you have handled a significant number of “C-12” projects (earthwork, site grading, trenching, excavation, asphalt paving, etc.) and a letter requesting the waiver under B&P Code Section 7065.3. Someone who is familiar with your background will also need to certify your experience qualifications.

Q: Can a sole owner add me on to his license?

A: Yes, but only if you will be qualifying a second license classification. The Board only allows one individual to qualify a specific classification on each license

Q: I am a contractor who will be bidding work in Nevada. Are there any qualifications or authorities we need? I heard we would just need to contact the Secretary of State to do business in Nevada. At this point, we only want to do the necessary paperwork to bid.

A: The state of Nevada takes a dim view of companies “bidding” work without the proper registration or license. As a corporation, to legally pursue any contract in Nevada, you should FIRST become qualified with the Secretary of State and then secure a license with the NV Contractors Board. If the Contractors Board discovered that you had bid and signed contracts before licensing, they could delay or even deny your license application once you did apply.