A & B Waiver, RMO/RME

In writing this column, reader feedback is one of the best ‘gifts’ I receive from contractors’. It signals validation of the value readers receive in taking time to educate themselves beyond the basics. Our first contractor has come back to the well for a double-dip of license advice. Another contractor wants to know if he can ‘take over’ his father’s license…

Q: In February, I sent you an e-mail regarding the possibility of using my “A” or “B” license to legally bid a job that primarily involved welding. You answered my question pretty much in your column, which appears in my builders exchange paper. I can totally understand the reason to be separately licensed as a “C-60” because the job was primarily welding with no other trades involved.

I’m now considering obtaining the “C-60” license. If at all possible, I would like to get a waiver of examination because of my experience in this trade. I can easily provide references to fill out the Certification of Work Experience form.

After downloading the Application for Additional Classification I found there were no forms to fill out regarding a waiver. I did some more cruising on the CSLB site and found that on September 1, 2003 the licensing board suspended the Waiver of Examination as per 7065.1(a). This was a little disturbing to me so I spoke to someone in the CSLB who told me that I probably would not have a problem obtaining the additional classification because of my experience.

My question is how to proceed with obtaining this new classification? I cannot find a form entitled “Waiver of Examination”, other than the Application for Original Contractor’s License-7065 Examination of Waiver.

A: You are correct, the CSLB did make 7065.1(a) “inoperative” in 2003; however, the waiver you’re looking at is allowed within Code section 7065.3. The Application for Additional Classification is correct; however, in addition to the certification of work experience you must provide a very detailed project list and a letter requesting the waiver. In addition to the normal evaluation by an application technician, a licensing deputy typically reviews 7065.3 requests.

Q: For the past 15 years, I have been an officer of a construction company under the following license classes: “B”, “C-7”, and “C-10”. My father has an inactive personal contractor license with a “C-7” classification, and I would like to assume that license with his permission of course. My question is, can his license be transferred to me without taking the license exam? Is it true that once a person has served as an officer of a licensed company for a period of years, that person can acquire Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) status without additional testing? What procedures do I need to follow?

A: Thank you for the email. My assumption is that you are not the qualifier on your employer’s company license. I do not see how you can currently assume this license since you have been employed elsewhere and have not been working full time directly for your father during the past 5 years.

If you start a corporation with your father as the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) or RMO and keep it active and in good standing until 2014, you could then likely qualify for a “C-7” (low voltage) license with no exams. Call my office and we can go through the paperwork required by the Secretary of State and CSLB to apply for a license today and potentially secure a waiver (5 years from now). The applicable code section, 7065.1(c), is still operative.