CSLB Reference, General License

We begin with what can only be described as a ‘no–win’ situation for one contractor. We finish with a ‘win-win’ for contractors everywhere…

Q: As we discussed on the phone, the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) we’re going to hire has the “A”, “B” and several “C” licenses. He read some documents online that said if he lets us use his “A” (the one we need) he may not be able to continue using his other licenses. Clarify this point for us, so our Qualifier can still use his “B” & “C” licenses. Isn’t there some way to contract around this?

A: Just to make sure I understand, let me reframe the question. An individual holds a CA contractor’s license. He has an “A”, “B” and one or more “C” classifications. This person would like to become your Qualifier (RME) on the “A” only (since this is the only class you need). He would also like to continue operations under his present license for the “B” and “C” ONLY.

I am sorry to say I see no way to work around this. The Qualifier would need to declare his other licenses ‘inactive’ (or disassociate from all licenses) for which he is currently qualified and this would include ALL classifications.

According to a recent Press release from the CSLB, the new 2010 “California Contractors License Law & Reference Book” is available for purchase. The book provides specialized sections about becoming a licensed contractor; home improvement; business management; construction standards, safety regulations; as well as Board rules and regulations. “It’s a challenge for California’s licensed contractors to keep up with continual changes in state contracting laws,” said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. “This book is designed as a quick reference tool to help our state’s 310,000 licensees meet that challenge.”

This 750+ page book is valuable to have for both established contractors and those new to the industry. But as my readers know all too well, how these laws are implemented can impact every contractor. It is often what is ‘unwritten’ or ‘between the lines’ that can dictate practice or policy. What limitations are there on using a given business name? Which exam waiver is no longer operable? What limitations are there on “A” “B” and many “C” contractors’? How many licenses can an LLC hold in California?

My book “What Every Contractor Should Know: Answers to Real World Licensing Questions For CA, NV and AZ” is a good companion to the 2010 State License Law and Reference Book. The State publication sells for $20.00 plus $6.22 for shipping and handling and is available online, by phone or through the publisher in New York. If purchased together for your reference needs and you contact my office directly, both books are available for $49.00 including tax and shipping. This offer is only available thru Capitol Services as a service for my readers.