A, B, Qualifiers & Business Name Advertising

For contractors in crisis, I can offer immediate answers to your questions- by phone or email. This is my business and knowing whom to call or what office to visit is often crucial to finding the correct solution. Another contractor draws a fine line in asking about the rules regarding advertising. Finally, an important question for anyone who may be a Qualifier, in these tumultuous times for the industry…

Q: Can we self perform structural steel work under our “A” and “B” license or do we need a separate license?

A: I cannot give you a definitive response at this time since I don’t know what the specific project involves. Generally speaking you should be able to self- perform structural steel work under the “B” since structural steel is often considered “framing”. If the work is industrial in nature, then the “A” would come into play since a General engineering contractor can self perform most portions of an industrial project. This being said, the cautious approach would be to apply for the “C-51” (structural steel) class.

Q: I have questions regarding advertising requirements in CA that I’m hoping you can help me with. We have a situation where one of our subsidiaries, does both manufacturing and installation.

Recently one of our trucks was warned by the CSLB that failure to disclose a license number on the vehicle could result in a citation. As I understand, it’s a requirement for all forms of advertisement to include the CA License Number as well as the name of the entity holding the license.

The question: because this entity does both manufacturing and installation under the same name, must all advertising, even if it is only for product and not installation, include our license number? Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

A: Yes, advertising does need to include the contractor’s license number; however, manufacturers or suppliers do not need to disclose their license even if they have one. You’re also correct a license number is not required if only advertising the sale of the product.

Since it’s possible a “manufacturing” truck may be at an “installation” job site – even if they’re NOT doing ANY installation — you’ll want them to list a license number on the vehicle if for no other reason than preventing issuance of a citation. Why take a chance; put the number on all vehicles.

Q: I was the Qualifying individual for my Corporation “C-10” license. They cut back on business, laid me off and let the Worker’s Comp Insurance and our Bond lapse. How do I change the license to my name and reactivate it? Thanks so much for your input.

A: Sorry these tough economic times have affected this business and your employment. According to the CSLB web site, this license is indeed suspended. The present status shows the company license is under Suspension because both the Contractors Bond and Qualifier’s Bond have been cancelled and Worker’s Compensation has expired. You are still listed as the Responsible Managing Employee (RME), so I would strongly advise that you remove yourself or disassociate immediately, since you are still responsible for any work performed until you officially do so in writing.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the business name since this is a corporation and you are not an officer. The license belongs to the corporation, not to you as an individual and I could not locate another license that you’re listed on.

You will need to apply for a new (sole owner) license and will be issued a new number. No test is required but you’ll need to secure a new Contractor’s Bond and, if you hire employees, proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance.