HIS, License Experience & NV Contractor’s License

You have to walk before you can run, as some younger aspiring contractors must learn. Apprentice is only the first step towards a license.  Winning contracts in the market is always hard work, but on those bids involving government or special districts there are additional challenges. For our first contractor there is little room to maneuver between a ‘rock and a hard place’…


Q:  I contacted your office today to discuss whether or not the Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) certification is applicable for our service and repair technicians.  On the bottom of the HIS application, it states “a bona fide service repairperson who is in the employ of a licensed contractor and whose repair or services call is limited to the service or repair initially requested by the buyer is NOT required to be registered.” 

My concern is what happens if our technicians go to a customer’s house and sell something beyond the initial requested service call.  We certainly are not going to pass up an opportunity if there is a legitimate need.  Is this something you recommend we pursue?  Is it a big deal and cost?  Your thoughts?


A: This situation puts you in the ‘middle’.  On the one hand only doing the repair means no salesperson registration is required; however, since sales are part of your goal, I believe this would trigger the need for HIS registration.  Look no further than the CSLB quote: “…whose repair or services call is limited to the service or repair initially requested by the buyer”.   I would recommend having all your service/sales folks register.  The HIS application is only 1 page, no testing is needed and the fee is just $75.00.  Live Scan fingerprinting will be necessary at an additional cost of approximately $70.00.  I hope this helps. Contact Capitol Services with any further questions.



Q:  If you were an apprentice for a licensed contractor for a number of years can you file to get a contractor’s license?


A:  The CSLB requires that all applicants for a license show at least 4 years ‘JOURNEYMAN level” or Supervisory experience within the past 10 years.  In some cases apprenticeship training can be used in lieu of some practical experience but you would need an official apprenticeship certificate.



Q: I have an “A” contractor’s license; however the second lowest bidder does not.  This is a Federal project and they’re contending that a license is not needed.  Since some of the project is on county property wouldn’t the license be required?


A:  I would contend that a license is necessary since a portion of the work is on county land.  If the ENTIRE project were on federal property a contractor’s license would not be required.  This being said, in either case it will be up to the awarding authority whether they want to see a license number on the contract.  Being they are not the low bidder, this may be a moot point.



Q:  I have a CA contractor’s license and have been asked to do a small job in NV.  Do I need a license there or can I simply use my existing CA number?  What are the costs?


A:  Unfortunately, you may not use your CA license.   A NV contractor’s license is required for projects over $1000 (including material and labor).   As we discussed, since this is the only job you anticipate doing in this state, it may not be worth your while.  Total fees for the license application, corporate registration, bond, fingerprinting and testing will likely exceed $2,000.  Please note this minor work exemption does not apply to plumbing or electrical jobs or any project that requires you to pull a permit.