BX Assistance, Work Experience Credit & Expired or Revoked Licenses

As we have stated for years, ‘knowing where to go for the answers is half the battle’ in getting good information. In most areas of California, one of the best places to start when looking for a contractor is with the local Builder’s Exchange. For those with an expired or revoked license is it necessary to show recent work experience when re-applying? …


Q:  I wanted to make a suggestion regarding a question in a recent issue; but first, let me say how much I enjoy reading your column and what a fantastic resource it is for our Builder’s Exchange members.

The suggestion was regarding the request for a ‘list of plumbers’.  This person could also get this information for free from their local Builder’s Exchange (assuming there was one in their area; most of CA is covered).  Builder’s Exchanges aren’t able to provide a list of 100% of the companies in a given trade in their area but they are a great resource for companies that are involved in the industry.  Like I always tell people who call us, we can’t make guarantees about our members but they are ‘waving their hands to be seen’, rather than hiding under a rock, as so many ‘underground’ contractors are.  In addition, we always tell consumers about the CSLB website too, so they can take advantage of all the consumer protection info and pamphlets and check the license of any company they consider hiring.


We may predominantly serve the construction industry, but working with consumers is an important part of that.   To start with, those looking for a contractor can start by calling an Exchange, before paying $245 to the State for that ‘list of plumbers’.


A:  An excellent suggestion!  While a local Builder’s Exchange or Contractor Association would not have a ‘list of all plumbers’ these organizations are a great resource to locate contractors from any number of trades.  The question was very brief and we do not know where he was located or whether this was from a consumer or contractor.  Either way, as you stated, while an Exchange may predominantly serve the industry, consumers can generally depend on these organizations to have a list of quality contractors.  Again, thank you for pointing this out and for your kind words.



Q:  My license expired about 7 years ago. It was officially revoked a few years later.  I’ve paid all the necessary restitution and I know I must post a $15,000 Disciplinary Bond (DB) and $12,500 Contractor’s Bond.  I want to apply to get my Sole Owner license back and am prepared to sit for the law and trade exam.


My question is how do I get work experience to cover 4 of the prior 10 years?  I’ve gotten conflicting information from the CSLB regarding whether I must even file a new “Certification of Work Experience”.


A:  Over the past 30 years, we’ve handled a number of applications where someone is reapplying for a license after it had been expired for more than 5 years.  In our experience, and as we’ve always been told by the Board, applicants who have an expired (even revoked) license – no matter how many years ago — do NOT need to file a new Certification of Work Experience when reapplying (although they must retake the exams).


However, when I inquired with the Board regarding their current policy, they referenced “CCR Section” (Board rule) 825(b), which states the ‘work cert’ would still be required, but the documented four years of experience does not need to have been within the last 10 years.  You can therefore list the time worked while licensed a decade or more ago.