General Payments, Updating Officers and Asbestos Certification

A contractor unsure about what license is required to ‘cut the deck’ is in the cards this time. We offer a second ‘deal’ on a ‘bad hand’ dealt to a contractor who got incorrect advice on asbestos abatement from a friend, but begin with a sub-contractor who ‘folded’ on the game before it was finished…

Q:  I am a General Building Contractor and one of the sub-contractors that I hired to do some installations left the job unfinished.  What can I do about this?

A: While it depends on the specifics of your situation, there are several options for you especially if you’ve already paid the subcontractor.  You can file a claim against the sub-contractor’s bond; take the sub-contractor to small claims court; or file a complaint with the CSLB.  You can visit the CSLB’s website for more information on the complaint procedure.


Q:  I recently sent in my contractor’s license renewal application.  On the renewal form I had updated our Officers so that the CSLB would in turn update their system.  I noticed that the renewal was processed and our license is good for another two years, however the Officers have not been updated.  Is there a way you can check on this for us?

A:  Without checking on this I can tell you that the CSLB did not update your Officers because you cannot make any personnel changes on a renewal application.  To remove, change, or add personnel you are required to complete the appropriate CSLB forms.  For adding new officers you need to submit an “Application to Add” personnel, and to remove current officers you should submit a “Disassociation Notice”.   Please contact our office if you need assistance with these modifications to your license.

Q:  What classification would be required to build a deck with a patio cover?

A:  There are several classifications that would permit you to build a deck with a patio cover.  The “B” General Building, the “C-5” (Carpentry), or the “C-27” (Landscaping) classifications would each allow you to perform that work.


Q:  I would like to obtain a California contractor’s license for asbestos abatement but I’ve been told that I first need to obtain a General Contractors License.  I don’t have the required experience to qualify for a General license!  Is there any way around this?


A:  First of all, asbestos abatement by itself is not a CSLB license classification.  The asbestos certification is issued only to currently licensed contractors and only allows for the contractors to perform asbestos-related work exclusively within the license classification that is held by the contractor.  There is no requirement that the classification specifically be General Building.


Contractors who want to become certified to perform asbestos removal and/or abatement are required to pass an exam administered by the CSLB and they also must register with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).