“C-33”, General Building Rule & Background Checks

As suggested at the end of this column, knowledge or knowing is power, especially when you keep it under your hat! From our ‘fencing’ lesson we ‘brush’ up on some “C-33” rules for a consumer and then ‘identify’ an issue for Arizona license applicants to consider before heading south…

Q:  I have a question that I think you’ll know off the top of your head.  A “C-13” license is a specialty license for fencing, but can a contractor that holds a “B” license classification contract to just build a fence?

A:  A contractor who holds the “B” General Building license cannot take a job (with the exception of framing and carpentry projects) that involves only one building trade.  “B” contractors are required to be performing at least two unrelated building trades on a project unless that contractor holds the appropriate specialty license.  While the contractor cannot do the work himself, he can take the contract to build the fence if he subcontracts out to a properly licensed “C-13” fencing contractor.


Q:  I need the inside of my house re-painted and I plan to hire a C33 painting contractor to do the work.  However, I also have some holes in the drywall that I was planning to have the painting contractor repair, but I am now being told that I need to hire a drywall contractor to do that work prior to the painter coming in.  That seems like a bit of a waste.  Is there a limit to what a painter can repair?


A:  Thank you for contacting Capitol Services.  While there is certainly a limit as to what a painting contractor can repair, he/she can repair holes in the drywall in order to prepare the wall for painting.  Generally the rule is that if the work is incidental and supplemental to the main trade being performed then it’s allowed.  If the main goal were painting the wall repairing the holes would be considered incidental/supplemental to completing the project properly.


Q:  We are currently applying for an Arizona Contractor License and one of the requirements is that all individuals listed on the license application complete a background check.  When one of our Officers went to complete the form as required, he noticed that by completing the form it authorizes access to bank and credit records and even college records.  This appears to be very intrusive and above what a standard background check would include.  Is this standard operating procedure for AZ?  Is there any way around it?

A:  Yes, the background check is the new standard for everyone listed on a contractor’s license application.  We have heard several complaints about this particular aspect of the background check.  We have contacted the Registrar Of Contractors (ROC) to inquire about this and they have indicated that they will not be accessing bank records or college records, and that the background check is strictly for them to review each individual’s potential criminal background.

There is no way around this requirement.  We are hoping that the ROC will get enough complaints from applicants to remove the authorization to check bank and college records, especially if they have no intention of accessing that information.