RME, AZ Contractor Licensing Rule Reciprocity and License Numbers on Vehicles

Always a good idea to keep your license and business information up-to-date with the Board, and file a copy for your own reference later. Another contractor will be appalled, as he discovers own failure to understand the full extent of a license regulation leaves him with no appeal…


Q:  How can I find or get an update of my license status? I used to be the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for my former employer and I cannot remember what license(s) I held or was responsible for since I have been out of the trades for a period of time. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


A:  Thank you for contacting Capitol Services. We can always help find important licensing history and other information for you. However, the Contractor State License Board keeps records of all past licenses and most of them can be found online on the CSLB’s website by just plugging in your personal or business name.


I checked your previous licenses and it appears that you were listed on two.  The first license you had expired back in 2001.  You were the RME on a second license, but disassociated in October 2009.  Once you disassociate, you keep your “qualification” for 5 years, so you have until 10/15 of next year to re-apply for a license without needing to re-take the exams.


Q:  I am the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) for our corporation here in California. The license was issued in December 1998.  I did not take any tests; since I was an Officer for so long they granted me a waiver of the exams.


In March 2013, I applied for an AZ contractor license.  I only took the law portion based on reciprocity in CA.  I passed the test; registered as an AZ Corporation; and obtained a Transaction Privilege Tax Number in AZ.  However, after the 7 ½ month process, the AZ Registrar’s office denied my license stating I didn’t take the trade test for CA.


Is this correct?  Or do I have something I can appeal with?


Q:  Yes, that decision is correct.  In order to qualify for reciprocity in Arizona you have to have taken the equivalent trade exam in CA.  If you obtained the CA qualification by a waiver you do not meet the requirements to be granted reciprocity. This is just one reason why many contractors seek expert assistance ahead of these decisions.


It is likely that you can “appeal” this, however in my opinion, it is unlikely that the AZ Registrar Of Contractors will grant the appeal.  In Capitol Service’s 30 years of history, we have never seen them go against the policy since it’s written in the statutes that you must’ve passed the equivalent trade exam in the reciprocal State.


Q:  We have a couple company trucks that have our logo and license number on them, but we also have several company trucks/vehicles that our project managers use without the company name and license number on them.  If these trucks are used or show up on project sites, is it a requirement that the company name/logo and license number be on them?


A:  The CSLB does not require that you have your company name and license number on all company vehicles.  However, if you choose to put your company name or logo on any of the vehicles than you are also required to list the Contractor License number since this is considered a form of advertising