“B” Solar & Roofing, “C-53” & CA Green Energy

We’ve all had our own computer problems but when government has a software issue it can impact thousands of offices throughout the state. For contractors who must deal with complex governmental rules and regulations on a daily basis any little adjustment, change or alteration can also impact your business.  We “alert” you to several such changes as well ‘adjust’ an answer on General Builder’s to clarify a previous inquiry…

In a recent column, we pointed out that a “B” General Building contractor could perform solar work alone since the CSLB has determined that this involved two or more trades (Board rule 832.62).  The question involved doing this solar work in conjunction with “new roofing and/or roof flashings”.  Please note that if a “B” contractor were to perform ONLY one trade on a project (other than solar, framing or finish carpentry), this could be a problem if readers didn’t grasp the original question that was answered.


Q:  I have decided to sell my pool business, which holds a “C-53” license in California.  It’s a Sole Proprietor license.  Will I be able to give my license number to the buyer?  He was hoping to use the same name and license number due to its credibility.

A:  Unfortunately no, a Sole Owner or Proprietor license cannot be transferred except in certain circumstances that involve a family member taking over the business.  If a Sole Proprietor business is sold, the license number is not part of the sale.  The buyer will be required to apply for and obtain their own license before they can legally operate in the State.

Contractor’s Alert:

As is the case with some government regulation, original effective dates may need to be adjusted for a variety of reasons. Due to unanticipated delays in developing complete performance compliance software for 2013, The California Energy Commission (CEC) has postponed the effective date of several Title 24 provisions of the California Building Standards Code. Originally slated to become effective on January 1, 2014, the new effective date is now July 1, 2014.

The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) and Contractors State License Board (CSLB) have both issued Information Bulletins outlining which portions of Energy Code, Administrative Code and 2013 CALGreen were impacted.

For a copy of The CBSC Information Bulletin 13-07 or CSLB Bulletin #14-02, you can contact these respective agencies or Capitol Services.