Security Installations, “C-10” & “C-46” & Corporate Disassociation

While many trades have become more specialized others have ‘drifted’ into portions of other skilled work. That has raised the confusion levels among many contractors about what is now allowed within their scope of work. Sales and installation of some products have also triggered misunderstandings about who can do what with which license. That’s why we’re the experts answering those questions because, as we have always noted, knowledge is power…

Q:   As you know, you are assisting us with obtaining a Contractor’s License and as we move forward with it, I do have an urgent question from my business for a current opportunity.  Can we sell security cameras in California WITHOUT a special low voltage license?  Just selling the “hardware” – no services involved, no installation involved.

A:   A contractor license is not needed for selling these.  If you are signing the contract for the installation portion or self-performing the installation then a contractor’s license is required by law.

Q:   I currently have a “B” General Contractor’s license and I recently applied to add the “C-10” Electrical classification.  The CSLB rejected my application stating that I need to show proof of performing at least four years of work experience in the “C-10” trade.  I have performed electrical work as part of my General Building projects for many years.  Does this not qualify me?

A:   Lately the CSLB has been scrutinizing experience much more than in the past and it has become increasingly difficult to prove experience in certain trades when you are performing them as part of another trade.  If you want to add the “C-10” classification you must show that you performed electrical work every day for 4 full years for approximately 8 hours per day.


Q:   Are you able to confirm if a “C-46” (Solar) Contractor can subcontract out all of the installation work to subcontractors?  (We have an affiliate who has applied for a “C-46” license, and will just be selling and advertising Photovoltaic systems, and then plans on subcontracting out all of the installation).  Can they subcontract the installation to a “C-10” Electrical Contractor, or can they only subcontract out to another “C-46”?

We have inquired with the CSLB classification deputy, however we were told that it may be up to six weeks to get a response. However, since the “C-46” and “C-10” can both do the entire project, I do not see why the Solar could not sub to the Electrical.  See the CSLB industry bulletin below, and we’ll let you know more in another column.

Q:   We received our license renewal application and realized that we never updated the CSLB with the current officers listed on the corporation.  Only one of the officers listed on the renewal application is still with the company

A:   At least you have one officer available to sign!  I would suggest sending in the renewal signed by the current Officer as well as the Qualifier in order to get the license renewed in a timely manner.

Next, to update your Officers with the CSLB you will need to file Disassociation Notices for each Officer no longer with the company, and applications to add an Officer for each new person to be added to the license.