Contractor Work Experience Information, Vehicle Signage & NV SSN Requirment

LLC’s, SSN’s and INS, oh my! We put a ‘finger’ on some issues with Nevada licensing to get us started on our contractor Q&A. Another contractor needs to avoid digging himself into a hole he can’t get out of, while we have a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ for two others…

Q:  You helped our company with a CA license and now we need your assistance with obtaining a Contractor’s License in Nevada.  The entity is a General Partnership with one Partner being a corporation and the other is a LLC, or Limited Liability Company.  I understand that we will need to have an Officer/Member/Manager sign on behalf of each entity. The issue we had in California is that all individuals listed on the license application were required to have a US Social Security number (SSN).  The personnel that make up each of these entities are not US citizens and they don’t have SSN’s.  Is this going to be an issue in Nevada?  And does Nevada require that the individuals come to Nevada to get fingerprinted?


A:  First of all, thank you for contacting us again.  Nevada does not require that all personnel have US Social Security numbers.  The Qualifying Individual on the other hand will need to have a SSN or INS card for proof that he/she can work in Nevada.  To answer your second question, they don’t need to travel to Nevada to get fingerprinted.  They can do the fingerprinting on the fingerprint cards provided by the fingerprinting agency, or they can request the forms from the NV Board.


Q:  I am a “C-27” Landscaping contractor and I have a customer who wants me to re-design and landscape the entire background; including new grass, rock gardens, sprinkler and drip system, a waterfall, etc.  As part of the project my customer wants me to construct an in-ground spa next to their existing pool.  Am I allowed to do that since it’s part of the overall landscape project?


A:  No, you cannot self perform the spa construction.  A landscaping contractor may enter in to a contract for the construction of a spa if it’s part of a landscaping project, however you are required to subcontract that portion out to a properly licensed “C-53” Swimming Pool contractor.


Q:  I am a “C-36” Plumbing contractor and I have several work trucks that my employees use that have our business name and license number on the side.  One of my employees recently said that on a job site he was told by another plumbing contractor that, “we are required to have our address on our trucks” as well.  Is that accurate?


A:  7029.5 of the CA Contractors License Law states that every Plumbing contractor (C36), Sign contractor (C45), and Well-drilling (C57) contractor is required to “have displayed on each side of each motor vehicle used in his or her business…his or her name, permanent business address, and contractor’s license number”, so yes, what your employee was told is in fact accurate.

Q:  We have pending litigation against a contractor who we are fairly certain “fibbed” on his work experience in order to obtain his license.  We would like to get a copy of his Certification of Work Experience that he originally submitted.  Is that something that you can help with?

A:  No, while we can assist with obtaining copies of a Contractor’s entire file, the Certification of Work Experience form is considered personal and confidential so the only way to get a copy of that is to Subpoena it.  Even then, certain entries would be redacted from the form such as the third person information.