DUI Conviction, Disassociation Gap & AZ Reciprocity

Some things you can do for yourself, others require assistance and some just seem impossible, as one CA contractor has learned in seeking a license in AZ.  With real ‘conviction’ in his plea, another contractor seeks to replace his RME, without losing the license…

Q:  I’m in the process of putting my application together to obtain an Arizona Contractor’s License.  I’m applying for reciprocity because I have been licensed in California since 1984.  The instructions for reciprocity ask for a copy of the passing test results.  I do not still have my test records from 1984.  Is there a way that you would be able to assist me with obtaining a copy of my test results from the CSLB?


A:  As you are finding, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) has new requirements as of July 1, 2014 for requesting reciprocity.  While we can obtain license verifications, license histories, and copies of CSLB files, the CSLB will not release copies of test results.  I spoke with someone in the CSLB’s records unit and they suggested that you send them something stating that Arizona needs proof of your passing test results in order to qualify for reciprocity, and they will provide you with a response that the exam was passed.  It would be on CSLB letterhead as well so hopefully that should be sufficient.


The Arizona ROC also requires a license history in order to qualify for reciprocity so let me know if you’d like us to obtain that for you.


Q:  I obtained my Sole Owner license back in 2003 and I used a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) because I didn’t have the required experience.  I do now and I’d like to replace my RME on the license.  I’m nervous to do this though because back in 2007 I had a DUI and I didn’t notify the CSLB.  I was told that any time you have a conviction you are required to notify the CSLB.  I am afraid that if I apply now it will raise a red flag and they will pull my license for failure to notify them.  Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

A:  The CSLB doesn’t concern itself much with just one DUI.  I would recommend applying to replace your RME, answering “yes” to the question #11 regarding convictions, and providing a disclosure statement detailing the conviction.  If you do this it is highly unlikely that the CSLB would not approve you as the new Qualifier based on one DUI from 2007.  Unless a conviction is something that the CSLB determines to be very serious or substantially related to the contracting business, it seldom affects your contractor’s license.

In a recent column, I responded to a contractor who was concerned that his license showed — on the CSLB web site — an approximately one month gap between the disassociation of the old qualifier and qualification of the new one. To clarify, as explained, since the license remains in good standing for 90-days once a Qualifier leaves the license this gap does not exist.  To prove to the Prime Contractor — which is withholding payment — there is no official Suspension, the contractor may want to secure a Verified License History from the CSLB.