CSLB New Leadership in 2015

The Contractors State License Board has appointed Cindi Christenson as its new Registrar of Contractors.

Although the CSLB conducted a nationwide executive search, they did not have to look far for the most qualified candidate.  Ms. Christenson had served as the Board’s Chief Deputy Registrar for 5 years and, before joining CSLB, was the Executive Officer for the California Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors from 1996 to 2009.  She also was that organization’s Senior Engineering Registrar for 8 years and worked with the state Department of Water Resources as an Associate Mechanical Engineer from 1981 to 1988.

According to CSLB Chairman, David Dias, “We are pleased and confident with our decision to promote Cindi Christenson who, as a 33-year career state executive, has successfully demonstrated her fiscal, policy, regulation, legislative, and operational management abilities.”  Dias went on to say, “She also will have the distinction of serving as CSLB’s first female Registrar of Contractors, among the known 15 executives who have served in this position since 1929.”


Ms. Christenson will take over for Steve Sands who retired after serving as Registrar for well over a decade.  “My knowledge and appreciation for our state’s construction industry has grown under Steve Sands’ leadership,” said Christenson. “We will continue to meet our consumer protection mission, and serve as a strong industry partner in our efforts to curb the underground economy and establish more streamlined processes for state licensure.”


According to industry expert David Kalb, now an industry expert witness and the prior owner of Capitol Services, “I’ve worked with six Registrar of Contractors during the previous 35 years, and believe Cindi will do an excellent job as the Board’s new Executive Officer.”  He added, “This is the first time in memory, that the Board has selected someone from within to serve as Registrar and this continuity will serve the Board and construction industry well.”

Michael Brown, a former CSLB employee and current licensing expert consultant, who worked under several Registrars as Chief of the Licensing and Legislative Divisions, had the highest of praise for outgoing Registrar Steve Sands and firmly believes that, in his words: “Cindi Christenson is exceedingly qualified to assume the role of Registrar.  Her consummate intellect and the breadth of her management experience will continue to provide the CSLB with solid guidance in the coming years.”

Ms. Christenson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and is a licensed Mechanical Engineer.  She began serving as Registrar of the Board on New Year’s Day.