Fingerprinting for Applications, Waivers & NV LLC

Timing is often everything in life, or licensing, as our Michigan contractor learns in applying in California.  I will not ‘waiver’ in getting you the answer to your question when you ask us about the ‘rules’ in any aspect of contractor’s licensing. Finally, we wrap up with a ‘back to the future’ answer for a NV LLC…

Q:  Our corporation is going to be applying for a new license and our Officers all live in Michigan.  I read that if they get fingerprinted outside of CA the process can take months longer than if they do it in California.  They will be out in CA next week to meet with the client that they will be doing a project for (once they are licensed of course).  Can they get fingerprinted at that time?  Do they just save the receipts and submit them with the application?

A:  No one can be fingerprinted until you apply for the license and get the notification from the CSLB to get fingerprinted.  The CSLB will send out Live Scan Request forms, which they will be required to take with them to get printed.


Q:  I thought Waivers had went away, but recently read a couple of articles indicating that when applying for additional classifications that a Waiver may still be an option?  What are the rules regarding this?

A:  Waivers can still be an option in certain circumstances, but it has become increasingly difficult to qualify.  Waiver requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and there are no hard and fast “rules”.  That being said, in order to qualify for a possible Waiver, you have to show at least four years of work experience in the trade you are applying for.  Secondly, the additional classification must be closely related to the classification you currently hold.  Contact my office to discuss this further.

Q:  I am forming a Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) as a “C-1D” (Plumbing) contractor. I’ve been told that California won’t accept my NV LLC if I attempt to obtain my California contractor’s license.  Is this true?

A:  It depends on what you mean by California not accepting your NV LLC.  Up until January 2012 California did not issue contractor’s licenses to LLC’s.  They do now.  As you may know, there is a reciprocal agreement between California and Nevada for certain classifications.  Reciprocity allows for a Waiver of the trade exam if you meet all the requirements, however the Plumbing classification is not one of the reciprocal classifications.  In sum, your LLC can obtain a license in CA, however you will be required to take the exams, show your work experience, and meet all of the other LLC requirements. Let us know if you need further help.