CA License Exams in A Different Language, Signing Off Experience, RME’s JV’s & RMO’s

While the contractor rules and regulations may seem like they are written in a foreign language, you can actually ask for a ‘translator’ when applying. Do you have the ‘write’ stuff to qualify your experience in applying? We also show how you can qualify two licenses in a RME/ RMO shuffle…

Q:  I am interested in applying for a Landscape license but I don’t have the required four years of experience.  My Dad is willing to be the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) but would it be possible to have my dad take the exam in a different language (Chinese) or have translator assistance?

A:  The Contractor’s License exam is only administered in English however applicants can request a translator to read the exam for them.  The front page of the license application has a box to check to request the use of a translator, and once your application is approved, the CSLB will contact your Dad prior to his exam regarding his request. The translator must also be approved in advance by the CSLB.

Q:  When applying for a new license, is it required that I have a licensed contractor sign off on my experience?

A:  While it’s better to have a licensed contractor, and preferably your employer, ‘write’ off on your work experience, it’s not a requirement.  Your certifier can be an employer, fellow employee, journeyman, union representative, contractor, client, or even business associate.  The requirement is that your certifier have “direct knowledge” of your experience during the time period you list.

Q: Our corporation has formed a new subsidiary; 50% of the new company will be owned by our currently licensed corporation, and the other 50% will be owned by an individual.  We would like to use the same RME for both companies.  Is that allowed?

A:  According to B&P Code Section 7068.1, an individual can Qualify two licenses if the additional firm is a subsidiary of or a joint venture with the first.  The CSLB defines a “subsidiary” as one entity owning at least 20% of the equity of the other.  Be aware that in order to qualify for this, the majority of the Partners, Officers, or Managers must be the same for each company.

Q:  According to my research, an RME is required to work at least 32 hours a week (or 80% of the total hours the business operates).  After the first of the year we would like to bring our RME down to a part time employee.  How can we go about this with the hour requirement?

A:  You would need to designate your RME as an Officer of the company and change him from an RME (Responsible Managing Employee) to an RMO (Responsible Managing Officer).  You have 90 days from the time the change becomes effective to notify the CSLB.  Contact our office if you’d like assistance with this process.

Q:  Can you obtain a copy of our renewal application quickly?  Our license expires at the end of the month and we haven’t received it in the mail yet!

A:  Yes, we can pick it up for you in person.  The CSLB is currently taking about four weeks to process renewals so we suggest getting it submitted asap.  They usually send it to you about 60 days prior to your expiration so you may want to ensure that the CSLB has your current address.  If not, you can update that on the renewal application.