CA LLC Registration & Licensing and Asbestos Abatement Rules

Misconception, rumor, misunderstanding or what we don’t know we don’t know can detour your route to obtaining a contractor’s license fast. The relatively new rules for LLC licensing are still a learning curve for many, so a mistaken assumption isn’t a surprise. We also ‘double down’ on questions relating to asbestos…

Q:  We are going to be applying for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) license using an individual who was previously licensed three years ago.  Will the license only show her name, or will all the partners’ names also show on the license?

A:  First of all, the license is issued in the name of the LLC as registered with the California Secretary of State.

In order to obtain an LLC Contractor’s License, you will be required to register the LLC with the CA Secretary of State. In addition, you must file a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State within 90 days of your Registration.   The Statement of Information must list any Manager(s) appointed, or if no Managers have been elected or appointed, each member of the LLC.  The personnel you list on the Statement of Information is the same personnel you must list on your contractor’s license application, which in turn will be reflected as personnel on your Contractor’s License.  So, as long as the Partners are listed on the Statement of Information, they will also be listed, and have signing authority, for the LLC Contractor’s License.

Q:  My husband is an asbestos abatement Contractor from Oregon and he has many residential projects coming up in California, which they need him to start in the beginning of June. I called Cal/OSHA last month to find out the requirements and they said that he would need to take a course, complete a DOSH registration form, and pay a fee.  Now that we are in the process of completing the registration application, it appears that we also need to be licensed with the CSLB in order to complete the DOSH registration.  What are the requirements for the CSLB and how long will that take?

A:  In order to obtain an unrestricted DOSH registration, you are required to have a “C-22” (Asbestos Abatement) Contractor’s License.  Your husband will be required to document at least four years of full time work experience doing asbestos abatement work and take and pass the law and trade exams.  The CSLB also requires that he is in process of registering with DOSH in order to qualify, which it sounds like he has covered. Contact our office if you’d like assistance with the licensing process.

Q:  We are a restoration contractor out of Arizona and we just recently obtained our California General Building (“B”) Contractor’s License.  Occasionally when doing our demo work we come across asbestos.  What is the restriction for how much asbestos we can remove without having that specialty license/certification?

A:  Asbestos abatement or removal does not require an asbestos certification if the total area is less than 100 square feet.  Cal/OSHA regulates all asbestos handling, regardless of setting, and you can contact the asbestos unit at