Graffiti, AZ General, Fingerprint Rule, Removing Artificial Turf and Reactivating A License


What type of contractor takes down ‘art’? I will remove some ‘artificial’ notions on ‘cutting’ turf, share some ‘ink’ on a fingerprint question. I also have the unfortunate duty to let a ‘former’ contractor know that too much time has passed to just ‘revive’ his license but his ‘number’ may not be gone…

Q:  Is a contractor’s license required for graffiti removal and if so, what type of license would I apply for?

A:  Yes, if the total contract amount is over $500, the “C-33” (Painting) classification would be the most appropriate for graffiti removal.

Q:  Is a contractor’s license needed for removing artificial turf from outdoor athletic fields?

A:  Yes, a contractor’s license is required.  Both the “C-61”/”D12” (Synthetic Products) or the “C-27” (Landscaping) classifications would be acceptable to remove artificial turf from athletic fields.

Q:  We have an application pending with the CSLB and all of the requirements have been met except for fingerprinting.  Our President travels frequently and it’s hard to lock him down to go get fingerprinted.  Is there a way for the CSLB to issue our Contractor’s License prior to completing fingerprints?


A:  No, the CSLB will not issue a Contractor’s License until all personnel listed on the application fulfill the fingerprinting requirement.  In addition, the fingerprints must “clear” both the Department Of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before any license will be issued.

Q:  I previously held a Specialty contractor’s license that is currently “expired and not able to contract at this time”. I have now been working back in that same field for the past 4 yrs.  What is necessary to ‘reactivate’ that license number but place as Inactive for potential future use?

A:  I looked up your license and since it has been expired for over five years you will have to re-apply for a license.  You can however request that they issue your old Sole Owner license number back to you.  You will need to be able to document at least 4 years of full time work experience, within the last ten, in the Fencing trade.  You will also be required to take and pass the exams again.  Contact our office if you’d like assistance with this process.

Q:  I have an “A” (General Engineering) license in Arizona.  Am I permitted to perform electrical work with my “A”?

A:  The General Engineering classification in Arizona allows you to perform all scopes of work allowed by “CR-2” through “CR-80” classifications, so yes, you can perform “CR-11” (Electrical) work in Arizona with your “A” license.

IMPORTANT: For Contractors and Consumers!

In a recent press release, the CSLB reminds contractors and homeowners the risk of contracting, or hiring a contractor, who does not carry the proper Worker’s Compensation for employees who are working on a job.  CSLB investigators recently set up several sting operations with various cities throughout California, in which they cited multiple contractors for not having Worker’s Comp insurance for the individuals working with them.  CSLB Registrar Cindi Christenson said “Not only is the illegal operator liable, the homeowner also could be on the hook for medical costs for an accident on their property.”

Additional citations were also issued for illegal advertising, requiring excessive down payments before starting work, and contracting without a license.