Fingerprinting, Qualifiers and Criminal Records

Here’s a quality update on Qualifying and license renewals with some ‘fly by night’ fingerprinting facts for out of state contractors…

Q:  We received our renewal in the mail today.  Do we need to have our Qualifier re-take the exams when submitting the renewal application?

A:  No, your Qualifying Individual is not required to re-test when submitting a renewal application.  Just be sure to have your Qualifier as well as an Officer associated with the license sign the application.  If your Qualifier is an Officer, only his/her signature is required.

Q:  We are having our President fly out to California to get fingerprinted via live scan next week.  He plans to fly in to LAX.  Are there any mobile fingerprinting services available so he can just fly in and fly right back out that night?

A:  Yes there are mobile live scan services available.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) has a list of live scan locations listed by County.  I looked up Los Angeles and most of the locations have mobile services available.  A link to the DOJ live scan locations is available on our website (

Q:  We are filing an application to replace our Qualifier who left the company in early July.  Based on the CSLB’s processing times, when is the earliest our new Qualifier can anticipate taking the exams?  If he happens to fail, how soon could he expect to be able to re-test?  He’s coming from Texas so we are trying to prepare for his travel schedule.

A:  At the time, your new Qualifier can anticipate taking the exams approximately 6 weeks after the application is submitted.  Keep in mind processing times change on weekly basis.  If he doesn’t pass the exams, he will need to pay a $60 reschedule fee and the CSLB will schedule his re-examination about three weeks out.  Since he is coming from out of State, I would suggest if he not successful with the exams, to inform the Test Proctor. Since he is from out of state, he can request they allow him to come back the next day to retake the exams.

Q:  How many companies with the same Parent Company could a Responsible Managing Officer Qualify for?

A:  An RMO/RME cannot Qualify more than one license based on having the same parent company.  The only way a Qualifying Individual may Qualify for more than one license is if 1) The RMO owns at least 20% of each entity for which they Qualify; 2) One entity directly owns at least 20% of the other; or 3) more than 51% of the personnel of each licensee is the same.

Q:  What records should I submit with my license application with regards to a conviction I have from 20 years ago?

A:  You would start with marking “yes” to Question 11 on the application.  You should attach a “Disclosure Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction” form for each offense explaining the circumstances of each event.  Usually that is enough to satisfy the CSLB, however in some individual cases they ask for additional documentation such as court records, probation reports, etc.