Expired, Revived & Transfers, “C-10” or “C-7” and Death of a Partner

Impossible no. You can do that, but it won’t be easy! Oh, say can you “C”? How about letting a buddy use your license? Answers are the reason you ask and we share them here so contractors learn from the issues of others…

Q:  I had a Sole Owner license that expired back in 2007.  Since then, I have been listed on my company’s license as an RME (Responsible Managing Employee).  I am leaving the company and I want to get my own license number back which starts with a ‘4’, but I’d like it to be Incorporated.  Is that possible?

A:  It is possible, but it will involve a few steps.  In order to transfer a Sole Owner license number to a Corporation, the Sole license must be Active and in good standing.  Therefore, you would be required to first apply for a Sole Owner contractor’s license, requesting that your old number be re-issued to you.  Next, you would apply for a Corporate contractor’s license, requesting the Sole Owner license number to be re-issued to the Corporation.  This is assuming you own at least 50% of the corporation which is required in order to make the transfer. You should also be aware that once transferred to the corporation you can’t get it back as a Sole Owner.

Q:  Our company specializes in network cabling and video surveillance.  We currently have a “C-10” (Electrical) contractor’s license.  We are now being told we also need to have a “C-7” (Low Voltage) classification on our license.  I thought we were permitted to do cabling and video surveillance with our “C-10”.  If we do need to add the Low Voltage classification, will there be additional testing needed?

A:  That is just wrong. The “C-10” classification covers both high and low voltage installations so you are not required to have the additional “C-7”.

Q:  My Partner recently passed away.  I have read that a Partnership license is cancelled upon the death or Disassociation of one of the General Partners.  I plan to apply for a new license but I know that takes some time.  We have quite a bit of work in progress.  Is it possible to request that the CSLB hold off on cancelling the license until we finish the work in progress?

A:  First of all, I’m sorry for your loss.  B&P Code Section 7076 allows for the remaining General Partner or Partners to request a continuance of the license to complete projects in progress and undertake new work for a reasonable amount of time, which will be determined by the CSLB.  This request must be made in writing within 90 days of his death.

Q:  A buddy of mine is in the process of obtaining his license but he hasn’t tested yet so it will be several weeks before he is issued a number.  Is it possible for he and I to form a Joint Venture so that he can use my license in the meantime?

A:  No you can’t.  Unless he is an employee of yours, he cannot work under your license number under any circumstances.  Both Partners which make up a Joint Venture must be licensed and in good standing.