Online Renewals, DBA’s, Selling or Installing and Adding Classes to General Building CA Licenses

While you can get many things on the web, some exceptions remain. With economic growth comes new opportunity for contractors. One new venture ‘flushes’ out an answer on the difference between selling and installing as a contractor, another discovers he can ‘do business as’ usual with a small addition to his license…

Q:  I currently have a Contractor’s license for my Corporation.  I want to start another separate company and obtain a second license.  Is it possible to add a “dba” to the existing license, and also use that same ‘doing business as’ name for the new company?

A:  Yes, the CSLB allows multiple companies to use the same “dba” name.

Q:  My license expires soon.  Is there a way to renew the license online?

A:  No, you cannot renew the license online.  You will need to physically send the renewal to the CSLB with the fee for them to process.  If you are in Sacramento, you may also bring it in to the CSLB’s headquarters.

Q:  I’m going to be purchasing a Company which sells countertops and bathroom fixtures.   The company currently has a Contractor’s License.  When I take over, will I be required to get my own Contractor’s license?

A:  If you are only selling the products and not installing anything you are not required to hold a contractor’s license.

Q:  The RME (Responsible Managing Employee) on our license is leaving the company due to us not having much work in California.  If we decide to Inactivate the license, can we go without a Qualifying Individual, or do we need to replace him regardless of the license status?

A: While your license is Inactive, you are not required to have a Qualifying Individual.  You will need to replace the Qualifier if/when you decide to reactivate the license in the future. And, remember you can’t bid any work without an Active CA contractor license.

Q:  I have a “B” General Building license.  I know I can do painting, electrical, and other trades under my license, but I sometimes have customers ask me to just do a paint job or just an electrical job.  I’d like to add these classifications to my license.  How do I go about accomplishing this?

A:  You will need to submit Applications for Additional Classification.  You will need to do one application at a time.  The CSLB requires that you document at least four years of full time work experience in each trade you are applying for.  Both classifications have a Trade exam you are required to take.