Underground Cable, CSLB Active License Search and Multiple DBA’s

Some things in law don’t seem to make sense but it’s how the rules are ‘interpreted’ that really matter to our first contractor. I will ‘excel’ as expert in offering not one, but two solutions for a contractor, then ‘multiply’ for another before ‘adding’ up our last answer…

Q:  My company does a specialized type of work where we place hybrid fiber-coaxial (“HFC”) systems underground.    The underground placement will be 36” to 48” deep in the ground. We will not be connecting the HFC to the head end or central office so there is absolutely no low voltage electrical work involved by our company.  The connection of the HFC to head end/central office is completed by a different company.

A:  According to the CSLB, even though you are not electrifying the cabling, a “C-7” (Low Voltage) license would be needed to perform the work you described.

Q:  I am going to be purchasing a Landscaping company and I need someone with a “C-27” license to act as my Qualifier.  Is there a way to order a list of all Active (Landscaping) licenses in my area from the CSLB?  I’m hoping they have it in an Excel format.

A:  Yes, there are two ways to do this.  The CSLB has a new feature on their website which allows you to search all contractors with a particular classification in a specific area/zip code. With this feature, you put in the city or area code you are interested in as well as the classification of licensee you are inquiring about.  You will get a randomly generated list of contractors meeting your parameters.  You can then choose the entire list or pick and choose contractors to make a smaller list, and then download it on to an Excel spreadsheet.  The other option is to request the data from the CSLB with a Public Sales Custom Order form.  This allows you further parameters, such as if you want all of Southern CA (as opposed to just one city/zip code), or if you only want Sole Proprietors license information (as opposed to all business entities), etc.  The CSLB will generate the data in the form of a CD/DVD, which can then be formatted in to an Excel spreadsheet.  The downside to this second option is the CSLB charges a $245.00 fee.

Q:  We currently have a “C-8” (Glazing) contractor’s license in the name of our corporation with a ‘dba’ (doing business as) name attached.  We use this license for the installation of windows. Another side to our business manufactures and sells windows and doors, which doesn’t require a contractor license.  Can we operate under a different ‘dba’ name for the sales side of the business even though it’s the same corporation?

A:  Yes, a corporation can operate with multiple ‘dba’ names.  You should check with your county to inquire about what registrations are required.

Q:  I have a “C-7” (Low Voltage) license in CA and I need to obtain my NV Contractor’s license.  I found out electrical classifications are not reciprocal so I’m in the process of having my customers fill out the required references for me.  The problem is my jobs are very sporadic.  I haven’t had continuous work over the last ten years, sometimes with several months in between each job.  Is that going to be a problem?

A:  No, it all adds up. Nevada requires that you have at least four years of full time work experience within the last ten years.  Your experience does not have to be consecutive, but the dates on the references must cover a period of at least four years.