Gardening License, Contract Signers and SOS Corporate Recording

I ‘cultivate’ a correct answer for our first contractor, offer a ‘bon voyage’ for the next and ‘take stock’ in solving a third’s corporate license issue…

Q:  I am a pool maintenance contractor and I wanted to expand and start offering gardening services as well.  What license would I need to add to my “C-61”/”D-35” (Pool and Spa Maintenance) in order to perform these services?

A:  A contractor’s license is not required to perform gardening services.  Good luck with your new endeavor.

Q:  Together my wife and I have a corporate contractor’s license.  I am the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) and my wife is the Secretary and Treasurer.  We are going on vacation and are concerned about not being available to sign contracts.  Can only people listed on the license sign contracts, or can we authorize one of our employees to sign contracts in our absence?

A:  To the best of my knowledge, the CSLB does not have a rule or law which regulates who can or can’t sign contracts.   Therefore, yes, you can authorize one of your employees to sign contracts while you’re gone.  Enjoy! Bon Voyage!

Q:  My partner and I are starting a new construction business.  He has an existing corporation which we will be using to obtain the contractor’s license.  I will be the RMO on the license and he is transferring 20% of the shares to me in order for me to keep my own license active as well.   Will I need to be listed on the Secretary of State’s records?  How will the CSLB verify that the shares have been transferred?

A:  Whether or not you are listed on the Secretary of State’s records all depends on your title.  I looked up the company and it is a Domestic California Corporation.  Therefore, you will be required to list the President, Secretary, and Treasurer on the license application.  If you hold one of those titles, you will need to be on the Secretary of State’s records because the CSLB does check to make sure the personnel matches.  If you will have any other Officer title, such as Vice President, you will not need to be listed with the Secretary of State.

With regards to verifying shares issued, the CSLB does not require any supporting documentation showing shares have officially been issued. There is a question on the application asking what percentage of ownership the Qualifying party has.  Because you are signing the application under penalty of perjury, the State accepts the amount you fill in.