Fingerprint Rejection, Qualifier Retirement in NV & CA and RMO/RME

Simple. No, this is contractor law in two states just to start with! I ‘employ’ expertise for another question and share the ‘manual’ on fingerprinting when you apply for a CA contractor license…

Q:  Our Qualifier is retiring and wants to disassociate but still retain his own license. I have been an Officer on the license since 2012 so I don’t see a problem with me keeping the Company license. As far as getting him off the Corporation, would that be just filing a new Statement of Information with the state? I know it can’t be that simple, please let me know where we start.  We need to do the same in Nevada as well so let me know how that works.

A:  You are correct, it is not that simple.  You do need to file a new Statement of Information with the CA and NV Secretary of State to update the Officers. You will then have someone replace him on the license in each State.  For CA, since you have been listed as Officer on the license for over five years, you can apply to replace him and request to Waive the exams based on B&P Code 7065.1.  You will still need to document your Trade experience.  Nevada doesn’t have a rule that allows you to request a Waiver based on your experience or the fact that you’ve been an Officer, so if the new Qualifier has never been licensed in Nevada, he/she will need to take the Law and Trade exams.   Once your current Qualifier disassociates from the licenses, he will keep his qualification for a period of five years.  So, he’ll want to then apply for his own license within that time frame in order to avoid re-testing. So, not simple.

Q:   I’ve been reading your articles and I know that an RME/RMO needs to have four years of experience in the Trade.  Is there any requirement that he/she be employed by our company for a certain amount of time?

A:  No, there is no certain amount of time required, just that the individual be employed by the company when you file the application.

Q:  We have a pending application with the CSLB.  We received the fingerprint packet and sent all of our guys to a live scan facility here in Southern California, they all went to the same facility.  We received a letter from CSLB asking that one of our officers get re-fingerprinted “due to errors in completing the original live scan form and/or technical difficulties with the original prints submitted”.  Have you seen this come up before?

A:  Yes, we have seen fingerprints be rejected before.  Sometimes fingerprints are illegible for various possible reasons.  If they are still illegible on the second and third try, the CSLB will send him the hard copy fingerprint cards to be done manually.  I hope that doesn’t happen in your case because the hard copy fingerprints take much longer to process.