Application Processing Time, Renewals, Low Voltage and Business Entity Licensing

We ‘divide’ and conquer a tough question for one contractor and ‘shrink’ time for an ambitious applicant! Unfortunately, even an expert can’t save another when the ‘clock’ runs out on a final ‘deadline’…

Q:  I need to obtain my Contractor’s license.  In speaking with several of my colleagues who are licensed, they have said how incredibly long it takes, in one case I heard six months!  That seems crazy to me.  Is there any way to expedite that, I’m ready to leave the current company I work for and go out on my own?

A:  There are many factors which contribute to the time it takes to obtain a license, such as testing, fingerprinting, etc.  If you complete all the paperwork and requirements in a timely manner, and there no issues with the fingerprints, you should be able to obtain a license much quicker than six months.  Contact us if you would like assistance, our goal is to avoid any delays in the licensing process.

Q:  Can you please tell me what is required to re-instate my Sole Owner contractor’s license?  It expired back in 2008.

A:  Because it’s been expired for over five years, you can no longer renew your license, so you will need to apply for a new license. You will be required to re-take the Law and Trade exams, also due to it being over five years old.

Q:  What type of license is required to install Home Theatre systems?

A:  The “C-7” Low Voltage classification would be the most appropriate license for that type of work.

Q:  I am trying to decide whether to apply for my contractor’s license as a Corporation or LLC.  Can you advise what the differences/benefits of each are?

A:  While I cannot advise you from a legal, tax or accounting perspective, I can let you know the differences from a contractor’s licensing prospective.  In addition to the standard $15,000 Contractor’s Bond, LLC’s are also required to file a $100,000 LLC/Worker bond.  They are also required to show proof of at least $1 million in General Liability coverage.  You should contact a CPA or attorney to discuss tax benefits and legal results of each.


Q:  I applied for a Sole Proprietor license and after consulting with an attorney I want to change to a Corporation.  I have already tested and fingerprinted.  How should I proceed?


A: Let’s divide the answer.  There are two ways you can go about this, at this point.  The first option is to complete the process of obtaining the Sole Owner license, and thenapply to transfer the license number to the Corporation (or you can be issued a new license number).  Or, if you don’t intend on doing business as a Sole Proprietor, you can apply for the Corporate license, and at the same time request the Sole Proprietor application be withdrawn.  An individual can only have one application in process at a time.  Either way would be about the same time frame to ultimately have the Corporate license number.