“B” Inactive, Bonds, Insurance, Class Waivers and Fingerprinting Officers

We make a great team! Your questions and my answers help everyone learn. Another part of our team is the CSLB who helps keep the playing field level for all our licensed contractors. Contractors can also play a significant role in spotting unlicensed, and unfair, competition. Not to drive this nail too deep, but this is especially important over the coming months as so many California residents already victimized by disaster rebuild their lives and rely on us…

Q:  Hi Shauna, I hope all is well with you.  I have a quick question for you.  We are looking to add a “B” license holder to our license.  He is a current employee who just has his “B” license assigned to an Inactive Sole Ownership.  Do we just need to fill out the Application for Additional Classification document, and if so, does he still have to answer all the questions in sections 3 and 4 even though he already has his “B” license?

A:  Quick question, quick answer – yes and yes!

Q:  You are helping us obtain a new license and our Qualifier just passed the exams yesterday in Norwalk.  He was given a list of requirements needed which include bonds and insurance.  Do you have a company that handles this and who can possibly expedite the filing of these?

A:  I do!  We usually refer our clients to California Contractor’s Insurance Services.  You can contact them at 800-432-2641.  Their website is ccisbonds.comwhich allows you to apply online.  Everyone is super helpful there, they are awesome to work with.  They usually file bonds electronically which speeds the process up.

Q:  I used your services about 5 years ago to add 2 Classifications to my current license.  It is my understanding that we can now apply for a Waiver of the exams and acquire the licenses in-house.  I’d like help with that process.

A:  Thanks for contacting us again.  Yes, that is correct.  Under B&P Code Section 7065.1, you can apply to replace your Qualifier for those two classifications based on the fact you’ve been Officer on the license for 5 years.  However, your Qualifier added those classifications in June of 2014, so you won’t actually meet the 5-year requirement until June of this year.

We would be happy to assist with the process so please contact us when you are ready to get started. 

Q:  I recently applied for a Contractor’s License and our Officers (listed on the application) are all in different locations.  I have a few questions with regards to this issue.  First, do they all need to sign the same application on the same form, or can we make copies and have each officer sign their own individual form (essentially creating three “Section 4” pages)?  Second, what address will the fingerprint requests come to?  We are trying to coordinate travel, etc.

A:  They do not need to each sign the same form, so you can have separate Section 4 pages with each individual’s signature.  The fingerprint request forms will be mailed to the company’s mailing address listed on the application