“C-54”, Merging Licenses, CA “C-10” and NV “C-2d”

Here’s the distinction, an expert can tell immediately when something looks similar but really isn’t the same. In contractor licensing that is crucial in getting it right the first time. Because, contractors know ‘time is money’ is exactly right…

Q:  I need to obtain a “C-54” (Tile) and a “C-61”/”D-34” (Prefabricated Equipment) contractor’s license in California.  I am a Florida contractor and I will be moving out there at the end of the year, but I want to be ahead of the game.  Will this require that I come out to California twice to take the exams, or will I be able to do it all at the same time?

A:  The rule is, when you are not considered “qualified”, you have to do one Classification at a time, which would normally require that you come out to California twice to test.  However, there is no Trade testing for the “C-61” classifications.  So, while you’ll have to apply for them one at a time, as long as you apply for the “C-54” classification first, it will notrequire two trips to California.

Q:  My fellow contractor buddy and I want to start a new corporation and “merge” our licenses together.  I have a “B” (General Building) and a “C-39” (Roofing) license.  He has a “B” and a “C-8” (Concrete) license.  Can we apply for this all at the same time, or do we need to do one Classification at a time?  I’ve heard conflicting information.  

A:  Since you both hold your qualifications, you can apply for these all at the same time.  If there was testing involved in each, it would require you apply for each one at a time. Just remember that you can only have one Qualifier per classification, so you will have to decide beforehand who will Qualify the “B” on the license.

Q: You are helping our company with obtaining a “C-10” (Electrical) license and you provided us with all the study material for the law and trade exams. Our Qualifier just informed me that he recently took the test to be a certified electrician in California. Someone told himthat he won’t have to take the CSLB test if he recently took an electrical certification test. He sent me a copy of his electrical license issued by DIR. Can you find out if this qualifies him to obtain the “C-10” license without taking the exam?

A:  No, that does not qualify him to waive the CSLB exam.  There are only a few instances where the CSLB will waive the testing requirement.

Q:  We have our Qualifier taking the NV “C-2d” (Low Voltage) exam next week.  If he fails the exam, how long does he have to wait to re-take the exam? 

A: He has three attempts to pass the Nevada exam. A candidate who tests unsuccessfully must wait 2 weeks before retaking the examination. If he/she fails the third examination, the application becomes void. You can then apply again 30 days after the last attempted exam.