Solar, Sole Owner and License Numbers on Vehicles

A little bit of ‘sole’ searching for a contractor whose business is booming! More advice for a contractor that should ‘register’ for many of you and we bring ‘light’ to the darkness that ‘eclipses’ some incorrect advice…

Q:  I have a license as a Sole Proprietorship.  I’ve never had an employee so I have “Exemption from Worker’s Comp” on file with the CSLB.  My business has really picked up and I’m going to need to hire one or two people to work for me.  Once I hire people, how do I go about notifying the CSLB?  Any information you can give me to provide to the insurance company would be helpful.

A:  Once you have an insurance policy and employees, you have 90 days to notify the CSLB.  The certificate must be written by an insurance company licensed through the CA Department of Insurance.  It must list the CSLB as the Certificate Holder.  You are required to have your exact business name as the “insured” and your license number must be listed on it.   

Q:  I recently had a customer ask why I didn’t have my license number on my truck.  It is my personal truck that I also use for business.  Am I required to have my license number on it?

A:  B&P Code section 7029.6 states that a licensed contractor with a vehicle used for his or her construction business, for which a commercial vehicleregistrationfee has been paid should have his or her business name and contractor’s license number in a  clearly visible location on the vehicle, in print type of at least 72-point font or three-quarters of an inch in height and width. 

Q:  I’m going to obtain a “C-10” (Electrical) license to do Solar work.  My friend who has his own Electrical license told me I couldn’t use the word “Solar” in my business name. Apparently, he tried to use Solar in his name a couple years ago and the CSLB denied him and had him change his business name.  Is this still true?  It seems strange that the CSLB allows “C-10” contractors to do Solar work, but then they don’t allow you to use that word in your business name?

A:  That is partially correct.  In order to use the word “Solar” in your business name if you are not a “C-46” Solar contractor, you must also use trade/classification “identifiers”, so a word that is directly associated with the classification you hold.  So, in your case, you could use “ABC Electrical Solar”, or “ABC Solar Electrical”. That should light up your life!