NASCLA NV Waiver, Business Names and Application Assistance

Shining like a ‘national’ guitar, whether licensed by state or nation the ‘song remains the same’ for our first contractor.  With certain ‘reservations’ for making the change, and new business name can be put on ‘hold’ in CA. I did it once and for you, or our last contractor, I can always do it again!..

Q:  I am applying for a General Building license in Nevada.  I have taken and passed the NASCLA exam, and from what I understand, that will allow me to waive the trade exam in Nevada.  I see the form “Request for Verification of Licensure”, however it appears this needs to be completed by another State.  As you probably know, NASCLA is a National exam which is not State specific.  How do I notify the Nevada Contractor’s Board that I am applying for reciprocity based on my NASCLA test?

A:  You may verify your passing score by accessing NASCLA’s National Examination Database (NED) to purchase and electronically send your transcript to the Nevada Contractor’s Board.

Q:  I just recently took over my brother’s construction company because he retired.  I became the only Officer and the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer).  I want to change the name of the corporation however I don’t want to do it right away.  I was thinking I should keep the same business name for a period of time because it is an established name that most of our customers are familiar with.  In a couple months, when our customers are more familiar with me being the owner, I want to change the name.  How do I go about doing this?  I have a name in mind, and I’d like to “lock it down” so it doesn’t get taken in the meantime.  Is that possible?

A:  The California Secretary of State allows you to reserve a business name for a period for 60 days (assuming the business name is available).  Once you are ready to change the name, you will need to file a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation to change the business name at the Secretary of State level.  Once that’s complete, you can notify the CSLB with a Business/Address change form.

Q:  You recently helped me with obtaining my Sole Proprietor license, which went very smoothly so thank you!  About a week ago I submitted an application to become the RME (Responsible Managing Employee) for my company.  Someone from the office called the CSLB to check the status of the application and apparently there were some comments about some deficiencies on the paperwork such as missing middle names, etc.  The CSLB informed us that a letter went out explaining the corrections that need to be made.  When we receive that letter, is this something you can assist with it to ensure there is no further delay in the process?  I remember when you helped me, you were able to hand deliver everything to the CSLB…is that still the case?  Time is of the essence so any expediting services would be greatly appreciated.

A: Yes, we would be happy to assist you, and yes, we still always hand deliver all documents to the CSLB and get date stamped copies. Also a reason we are a first choice in assisting contractors for more than 30 years!