Silly Question? No! Adding “C-10” and Changing Qualifiers

Not to laugh, every question has an answer that offers benefit in asking. Especially when it comes to contracting rules and regulation. Yes, working out of your licensed trade isn’t too late it’s better if you never. Another contractor makes a ‘judgement’ call but should have asked for expert help sooner rather than later…

Q:  This seems like a really silly question, but my Boss wanted me to confirm with you. Does the RME need to be the one that takes the test for the license?

A:  Yes, your RME/RMO is the one who must document the appropriate experience and take the required exam(s).

Q:  I currently have a “C-61”/”D-35” (Pool and Spa Maintenance) Contractor’s License.  Many of my customers who I have monthly contracts with frequently have me replace or install new pumps, lights, motors, and even request solar systems for their pools. As I’m sure you are aware, all of these installations and repairs have electrical components involved. I know my license doesn’t allow for me to install solar systems, however over the years of referring that out to properly licensed contractors and working alongside them, I learned the process and started doing solar systems and other electrical work (such as panel boxes) related to pools and spas when requested. I know that much of the work I do is not permitted with my existing classification. I want to add the “C-10” classification to my license so I don’t get in trouble with the CSLB for working out of scope.  I think I know the answer to this, but am I the one who needs to take the trade exam, or can I have one of employees take the exam and use my experience to back him up?

A:  Two similar questions this week with two similar answers!  The person Qualifying the “C-10” classification must both document the required experience and be the one to take and pass the required exam(s). You already know working out of trade is not recommended for so many reasons! 

Q:  I have a pending application to replace the Qualifier on our license and it’s been approved, but due to COVID my test date was pushed out until mid-September.  The whole point of the process we are trying to complete is to remove the current Qualifier because he has a “pending” complaint on another license he is associated with and we don’t want it to affect our license.  We marked the box on the application to not have him Disassociated from our Company license until I’ve been added, but due to the delay in testing, we are worried the complaint may become an issue before I’m officially added to the license.  Would it be quicker to hire someone who is already licensed and qualified (as an RME) to replace him until I can complete the examination process?

A:  It would certainly be quicker to utilize someone who is already qualified because there would be no testing requirement so there wouldn’t be a delay in processing the application.  However, that being said, the company can only have one application in process at a time, so you would need to withdraw your pending application, which of course would cancel your exam date.  Also, keep in mind that if you hire someone to act as your RME, he/she would be required to Inactivate or Disassociate from their current license in order to Qualify your company license.  An RME is only permitted to on one Active license at a time.  You can always submit a new application to replace the RME in the future.