SWIFT & Scams, “C-10” and Covid Rules

As Bob Dylan sings, ‘the times they are a changing’ but contractor licensing law isn’t getting any easier! In our pandemic times knowing who, when and where you can work is critical, we ‘dig’ into an electrical question and share warning to all of strong arm ‘thugs’ posing as contractors… 

Q:  We currently have a “C-10” (Electrical) Contractors license in CA.  We had some issues with our license come up recently, and in speaking with our attorney he informed us that we shouldn’t be doing trenching with our “C-10” license.  I am surprised by this as we have always done trenching when doing our electrical projects.

A: “C-10” electrical contractors can perform incidental trenching for the placement of conduit and wiring on their projects.

Q:  We are going to be forming a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) and we will need a Contractor’s License.  Our attorney is in the process of putting together the Operating Agreement and a couple of the Partners do not want their name associated with the Contractor’s License.  Will the Secretary of State or CSLB require that we furnish them with our agreement? 

A:  No, the Operating Agreement does not need to be filed with either the Secretary of State or the CSLB.  The Operating Agreement should be maintained in the office where the company’s records are kept.  The documents the CSLB requires that you file with the Secretary of State are the Articles of Organization followed by a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State prior to issuing a Contractor’s License.

With stay at home rules, to paraphrase Dylan’s work again, ‘blowing in the wind’ so to speak, contractors can get the latest on construction industry issues, rules and workplace requirements online at https://www.cslb.ca.gov/About_us/COVID-19.aspx

Use the CSLB link to research or at need call us for immediate assistance with licensing or other issues at Capitol Services, Inc. 

Unfortunately, as in other disasters, scammers are out looking for easy money posing as contractors in this pandemic, according to the Board, “…watch out for door-to-door scammers as many homeowners shelter-in-place and practice social distancing safety measures. Earlier this month, Butte County deputies arrested three suspects from the United Kingdom who deputies say were targeting seniors in a paving scam. 

Butte deputies say the scammers followed a common scenario used by transient criminals who travel from out of state to try and scam Californians. These three allegedly claimed they were working for a paving company named “A-1 Asphalt Company” and had leftover materials from another project and would give homeowners a great deal to sealcoat their asphalt driveway.” While this occurred in Butte County suspects are also linked to scams in several surrounding counties. 

And the Board warns consumers they can be dangerous to hire, “Transient criminals often move around in large groups, so it’s likely these aren’t the only ones targeting homeowners through the northern Sacramento Valley right now. 

Seniors should be especially careful, as they are often targeted in door-to-door scams. Many suspects also strong-arm unsuspecting seniors to go to the bank and take out money to pay them.”

Contractors are urged to report anyone believed to be involved in these scams to local law enforcement. Deputies and SWIFT enforcement cuffed three in Butte County now awaiting trial.