Adding Classes, NV Generals And Experience Waivers

Increasing the scope of your licensing increases the opportunity to bid jobs…generally! A “B” to be a “B-2” is a Nevada question. Finally, a General in the ‘Sunshine’ state learns he’s not “Golden” in California contractor licensing…

Q:  I have a “B” General Building license.  I know I can do painting, electrical, and other trades under my license, but I sometimes have customers ask me to just do a paint job or just an electrical job.  I’d like to add these classifications to my license.  How do I go about accomplishing this?

A:  You will need to submit Applications for Additional Classification.  You will need to do one application at a time.  The CSLB requires that you document at least four years of full-time work experience in each trade you are applying for.  Both classifications have a Trade exam you are required to take.

Q:  I have had a “B” (General Building) license in CA since the 90’s and I recently applied for a NV license.  I sent in verification of my CA license with the application.  I thought the Reciprocity agreement meant that you didn’t have to show your experience because they would just use the CA license as proof that you have the required experience, but they sent me a letter asking for four references and a resume’.  I haven’t been able to get a hold of the analyst handling my application, but do you know why they wouldn’t be accepting my CA license verification?

A:  Of course! It’s not that they aren’t “accepting” your CA License.  Assuming you have been actively licensed in CA for five out of the last seven years, you should be able to qualify for Reciprocity and waive the Trade exam.  BUT, Nevada changed the Reciprocity rules with regards to the General Building (“B”) classification a couple years ago.  Nevada now has both the “B” (General Building) and “B-2” (Residential and Small Commercial) licenses.  “B-2” contractors can do everything that “B” contractors can do, but only on structures that are under three stories.  Any work done on structures over three stories requires a full “B” license.  That being said, in order to qualify for a full “B” license, you have to show that you have experience working on structures over three stories.  Since CA doesn’t have that requirement, when you apply for a “B” License in NV and ask for Reciprocity, you have to also provide the four references and resume’ showing proof that you have done work on structures over three stories.

Q:  I am a licensed General Contractor in Florida and I qualify my own business. I’ve had the license for 6 months. I have a 4-year BS degree in Construction Management and over 10 years of construction experience.  Would I qualify for being exempt from the exam in California? 

A:  Even with your extensive construction experience and education you will still be required to take the Law and Trade exams in order to obtain your contractor’s license in California.  There are only a few instances where an individual can qualify for a Waiver of the exams and if you’d like to discuss those please feel free to call me.