“C-29” Scope, Estimating Experience and NV Financials

Sometimes we all need a ‘strong’ friend as a NV applicant learns. Another former contractor must ‘experience’ the suspense every angler has when throwing a line into the water with his application, while a “C-29”on the ‘fence’ discovers he better get down… 

Q:  You are helping me with obtaining my Nevada license and in going over the checklist you provided me for the requirements, I need to have my bank complete a form verifying my Company’s accounts.  This is a brand-new company which not only doesn’t have a bank account yet, but once it does, will have the minimal amount needed to even open the account.  What do other companies do in this situation?  I can’t imagine I’m the only one with this predicament.

A:  In order to qualify for a Nevada license, the applicant does need to show some financial strength/standing.  If the applying entity/individual cannot do that, Indemnification will be required, in which another entity or individual(s) complete the Indemnification agreement and provide their financial information in lieu of the applying entity’s, or an addition to the applying entity.

Q: I was a previously licensed Contractor.  A claim on our Bond was filed, along with other financial issues, that made it impossible for the company to remain viable. Therefore, I shut it down and pursued other interests for 18 years, not trade related, although I did do some construction work. As for the experience requirement, I worked the trade for 24 years (1979-2001) and for the last six months I’ve been estimating trade related government work. Would I still qualify if I retested?

A:  As long as the CSLB kept your Work Experience information on file, which is questionable, and unfortunately there is no way to find out unless you re-apply, then you should meet the requirements to sit for the exam again regardless of what you’ve been doing for the 18 years since then.  However, if they don’t still have your experience information on file and require you to complete a new Certification page, you will need to have four years of full-time work experience in the trade you are applying for within the last ten years.  Estimating doesn’t count for experience in the CSLB’s eyes.  I would suggest applying for the license without the experience verification, hoping the CSLB still has your previous experience on file, and just wait for the CSLB’s response and go from there.

Q:  I was referred to you by the Marin Builders Association regarding a question. I have a “C-29” (Masonry) license.  I am a new Company and several of my customers who have hired me to do masonry projects which also include wooden fences, decks, stairs and gazebos.  They usually want to just deal with one Contractor.  Can I legally contract with them for the entire scope of work?  Could this be considered ancillary to my masonry tasks?

A:  The “C-29” classification does not allow you to perform projects involving wooden fences, decks, stairs, and gazebos.  You would need a “C-27” (Landscaping) license for projects which include those trades.  To qualify to add the “C-27”, you would need to document at least four years of experience doing that type of work.