NASCLA Reciprocity and SOS Suspension

An urgent appeal on the ‘fly’, more ‘suspense’ and a happy ending! Let’s start with what’s ending…

CSLB COVID-19 update: Good news test center closures are ending!  Things are looking up for Contractor’s license applicants waiting for a test date.  The CSLB testing centers re-open on February 1st.  Priority dates will depend on when the applicant’s date was canceled, but the CSLB will be contacting candidates to schedule new exam dates.  They will even be offering evening times based on staff availability in certain locations.

Q:  Our Contractor’s License expires at the end of March and we received the renewal notice from the CSLB.  I rarely look up our license online, but I happened to look it up when I received the renewal and I saw a notation on the online status, stating “before this license can be renewed active or inactive, the Secretary of State status must be returned to Active”.  I then looked at our status with the Secretary of State online, and it shows “Suspended”.  I tried to call the Secretary of State, but the recording said there were 41 people ahead of me.  So, in an effort to receive a quicker response, do you know why we would be “Suspended”?

A: “Suspended” with the Secretary of State usually means one of two things.  Either you haven’t filed a Statement of Information in a timely manner, OR you are delinquent with the Franchise Tax Board, meaning you either haven’t filed tax returns timely or haven’t paid the full amount due.

The CSLB will always check your Secretary of State status to make sure it is “Active” before renewing a license.  

Q:  My Illinois based company wants me to take the NASCLA exam for the purpose of Qualifying their licenses in several States.  I know you handle licensing in Nevada, and I read up on the qualifications for Reciprocity and the different classifications.  I read the NASCLA exam is only reciprocal with the “General Building” classification, however in order to qualify for the full “B”, you need to have experience working on structures over three stories in height, which I do not, nor do any other employees of the company.  Our goal is to obtain the “B-2”(Residential and Small Commercial) license.  Will the NASCLA exam still be acceptable for Reciprocity, or will I need to take NV’s trade exam as well?

A:  The NASCLA exam will cover you for Reciprocity for the “B-2” as well, you can contact me to assist with the necessary documentation you will need to provide to Qualify.  I look forward to hearing from you!

And finally, the state’s second largest volunteer wildlife rehab group took a direct hit from the recent high winds and storm in the Sacramento area. They rely on a barn sized, aviary flight cage to help rehab birds, test fly, before return to the environment. They are asking for emergency assistance in replacing the structure crucial to saving thousands of birds each season. The unexpected costs are a big hit on the volunteer’s budget. The flight cage is a critical and immediate need as busy season is beginning in just a few weeks. Volunteers can contact them at Contractors time and material donations are an in-kind donation to the non-profit volunteers and tax deductible, as that season is also just around the corner.