Transfer to LLC, Fingerprinting, Test Date, Joint Ventures and General Rule

It’s easy to put my ‘finger’ on one answer and I will ‘zip’ thru another for contractors with questions. Helping unravel some of the complex rules is sometimes a ‘long distance’ call but assisting a contractor to find the right answer is what I do…

Q:  Our company operates in 34 states providing telecommunications and technology services and we have a pre-qualification requirement to have a contractor’s license in central CA.  Typically, we rely on subcontractors for certification and licensing, but this opportunity is requiring us to hold the license.  With COVID and “distance learning” the School Districts in one of the counties in CA has a great need for our services to get the kids hooked up to 

Wi-Fi.  The paperwork stated we needed to have a General Contractor’s license, however we aren’t really General Contractors.  What are your thoughts?

A:  It definitely doesn’t sound as if you should be required to have a General Contractor’s License for the type of work you described.  In fact, you probably wouldn’t even be qualified for a General “B” license, being that you would be required to document four years of experience doing General Building work.  Telecommunications and technology services providers typically either hold the “C-10” (Electrical) license, or more commonly, the “C-7” Low Voltage license.

Q:  I am going to be traveling to California to take the Contractor’s License exam once the CSLB schedules me a test date.  Do you know how they determine what location you will be testing in?

A:  They base it on your zip code.  The majority of the time out-of-State applicants get scheduled in Norwalk which is in Southern California.  You can always request a different location though if you’d like.

Q:  How long does it take to get a Joint Venture license issued?

A: It’s currently about three weeks for the CSLB to process a Joint Venture application.

Q:  We spoke to you last week regarding transferring our Corporate license to our LLC.  Our attorney advised, for tax reasons and the structure of the company, that we really need to form an Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).  Is it possible to transfer a Corporate license number to an LLP?

A:  No.  In fact, there are only certain circumstances which allow for a Corporation to transfer their license number to an Limited Liability Company (LLC), but transferring the number from a Corporation to an LLP is absolutely not an option.  You will need to obtain a new license number.

Q:  I had a Contractor’s License about six months ago which I let expire.  I am trying to apply as the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for another company and the CSLB is requesting I go get fingerprinted again.  Does that seem accurate?

A: Yes.  The CSLB has been purging fingerprints once you let your license Expire, or once you Disassociate from a license, etc.  So yes, you do need to be fingerprinted again unfortunately.