Retesting, RMO Board Member, Fingerprinting Rule and Solar Bids

Let’s start with a ‘highlight’ on solar. Point the way for an out-of-state contractor on CA fingerprinting rules, sort an ‘unlikely event’ if you don’t pass your License Exams the first, second or tenth time you go for them…

Q:  We are in discussions regarding taking on some solar projects in Southern California.  Initially, the contract will be for our company to consult on several new housing developments where we will be measuring and designing solar panel systems for the residential roofs.  Eventually, down the line, we anticipate getting hired to install the systems, but for the initial consultation, measurements, and design, is a Contractor’s License required?

A:  No.  A Contractor’s License will definitely be required though when you are signing contracts or bidding on the installation of solar panel systems. 

Q:  We spoke last week and the information you provided for obtaining a new license was very helpful, thank you again.  You had mentioned “everyone listed on the application needed to be fingerprinted”.  Does that mean the Officers also need to be fingerprinted, or only our Responsible Managing Employee (RME)?  If the answer is yes, do we all need to go to CA to have our fingerprints done?  Or are we able to go to a facility here and have the data sent to the appropriate agency in CA?  Assuming the answer to Question 1 is yes and the Officers cannot travel to CA, can we get the fingerprints done now, or are we required to wait until some point in the process before we can get them done locally here is MA?  Lastly, can the fingerprints be done anywhere in California, or is it only Sacramento?

A: The RME, and all personnel listed on the license application (Officers, Members, etc.) will be required to get fingerprinted.  While it is not required for the fingerprints to be completed in CA, it will cause a delay in the licensing process (weeks and sometimes months) if they are done outside of CA.  Prints completed in CA are electronically sent to the DOJ/FBI/CSLB and are processed much more quickly than the prints done outside of CA, which are hard copy rolled fingerprints which must be run manually.  Either way, you must wait for the CSLB to send you the forms to take with you to get fingerprinted, you cannot complete the requirement ahead of time.  There are over 300 Live Scan facilities in California, and they can be done at any of the locations.

Q:  Can our company ask one of our Company Directors to act as the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) for our license?  Note, this person is not an “employee” of the company, but a Board Director.

A:  As long as the individual can document the required experience and pass the exams.  Note, the Qualifying Individual must be directly involved in the Company and overseeing its Contracting activities.

Q:  I have a test date coming up for the “A” (General Engineering) and Law exams.  In the unlikely event I do not pass (or if I pass one and not the other), when would I be able to sit for a retest?

A:  If you do not pass one or both, you are required to wait three weeks to re-take the exam(s).  The CSLB allows you to take the exams as many times as you need within eighteen months.  If you do not pass within that time (as you said, unlikely event), you are required to withdraw your application and start over.