Women on Board, Rejection Letter and General/ Electric Adding Traffic Control

I am so pleased to share three women have been elected to lead the Contractors State License Board!  Licensing law or issues, Legislative updates and industry news are also a part of reading the ‘Connection’ along with your contractor questions and answers…

In an historic first, three women were recently elected by their fellow board members to lead the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). As of July 1, 2021, Susan Granzella, a public member, is Chair of the 15-member Board; Mary Teichert, Class A General Engineering contractor, is Vice Chair; and Diana Love, representative of a statewide senior citizen organization as Secretary.

It is the first time all three offices have been held by women since CSLB was established to regulate the state’s construction industry in 1929. Elections were held at the June 3, 2021, teleconference Board meeting. Congratulations all! 

Q:  Our license was set to expire on June 30 and we submitted a renewal application signed by all three Responsible Managing Employee’s on our license, which I thought would be acceptable.  We received a rejection letter from the CSLB stating we needed to add an Officer to our license prior to the renewal getting processed.  The letter said we needed to start with adding our CEO as listed with the CA Secretary of State.  The CEO we have currently listed has not been through the fingerprinting process yet.  She lives in Texas and I’m quite sure she is not going to want to fly to CA to complete the fingerprint requirement.  Since the CSLB is only giving us until July 30 to submit the correction before we need to pay additional fees and what not, I’m wondering if I could change the CEO on record with the SOS to one of our Officers who is already fingerprinted for the CSLB to streamline the process?

A:  Yes, you can do that.  Let me know if you’d like our assistance as it will be several steps to complete.

Q:  I have a “B” (General Building) and a “C-10” (Electrical) license and want to apply for “C-31” license (Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor).  I believe I have the requisite experience plus I have Bachelor’s degree as well.  Should all of this (current licenses, experience, education) apply to my ability to be approved to sit for the trade exam?  Will I need additional certification from ATSSA or Caltrans?

A:  Thank you for contacting Capitol Services Inc.  Your education definitely will help you with qualifying for adding the “C-31” to your license.  The CLSB grants up to two years of credit towards experience for your degree.  Beyond that, you will need to document at least two years of full-time experience doing “C-31” work, with one of those years being hands-on practical experience. 

You will not necessarily need any proof from Caltrans or ATSSA.  You will start with sealed transcripts and someone who has firsthand knowledge of your work experience to sign on your behalf to verify your experience.  If the CSLB requests further proof of experience, you can then provide additional evidence/documentation from Caltrans or whomever at that time.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you’d like our assistance with adding this classification to your license.