Adding NV Solar, Keeping Low Number CA Licenses and Age Limits for Qualification

I leave the cosmic understanding of ‘time’ to the Einstein’s in math, what I do know is the limits and deadlines in contractor licensing. While time is often of the essence in application and renewal, there might be a way to wait it out for some. I will wrap up with an opportunity under the ‘sun’…

Q:  My Dad has a CA Contractor’s License and he passed away earlier this year.  The family has been busy with getting everything situated and we received a renewal notification for his license this month, which reminded us we need to do something to keep that up and running because we don’t want to lose the number, which was important to him.  He has an employee who worked for him for four years and four months, but I read something on your website referring to five years of required W-2’s.  Will we lose the license number if we wait for another year while he picks up more experience working for another Contractor?

A:  The five-year requirement only comes into play when the individual looking to Qualify the license is requesting to Waive the exams.  If he/she is willing to sit for the exams, only four years of experience in the trade is required.  

Once the license expires, you will have the option to renew it within five years which will give you plenty of time to update it and put it back in good standing.  Contact us if you would like our assistance!

Q:  My son has worked for his Dad since he was fifteen years old.  Of course, he was going to school full time until he was 17 1/2, and since then has been working full time.  He’s 19 now, so he’s interested in obtaining a Contractor’s License in his own name.  I read on the CSLB’s website you must be at least 18 years old to be listed on a Contractor’s License, however when I found your website and was reading through some of your Q&A articles, you mentioned that an individual must be 22 years old, in order to be the Qualifier, on a Contractor’s License.  I’m curious which is correct?

A: The CSLB requires that any individual listed on a license be at least 18 years of age, in reference to- Officers/Member/Managers/Directors.  However, to Qualify a license, because four years of fulltime work experience working at Journeyman level or above is required, the CSLB rarely approves anyone to Qualify before they reach 22 years old.  They assume the individual could not possibly be working fulltime prior to 18, and most importantly, not at a Journeyman level or above.

Q:  We have two companies in California, one is a Solar Business with a “C-46” Contractor’s License, and the other is an Electrical Business with a “C-10” Contractor’s License.  We are interested in obtaining an Electrical license in Nevada (“C-2” there).  Is there any way our Solar Business could obtain the license under their business, or does it have to be our CA “C-10” entity?

A:  Your Solar Business can absolutely obtain a NV “C-2” license.  There are no restrictions in Nevada which would prevent a CA “C-46” licensed entity from obtaining an Electrical license.  The possibility of Reciprocity may change depending on who you are using to Qualify the license, and if we want to dive deeper into that subject it’s best to call my office and I’d be happy to discuss it at greater length.