More on Covid Rules for Contractors during the Pandemic Years, Handyman Rule and Exam Cancellations

While we still await freedom from the Covid-19 restrictions work goes on and questions remain. Actually, I feel good to have some real-world contractor problems I can help solve. 

Q:  I recently purchased a Handyman business.  My Brother-in-Law has a General Contractor’s license.  Is there any way I can utilize his license to get a license for my new Company, or possibly be granted a Waiver myself based on the work I’ve done with him over the years?

A:  You cannot utilize his license to obtain a Contractor’s license for your new Company, however under certain circumstances, you could use his qualification to act as your Qualifying Individual.  If he wants to keep his own license Active, he would need to own at least 20% of your new Company.  To answer your second question, you would not be able to qualify for a Waiver based on your experience.  Waivers are only granted under certain circumstances.  You can call my office for more information.

Q:  You helped me obtain a license for our LLC back in 2013.  At the time, we had discussed the process of me replacing my Qualifier after five years without the need for taking the exams and I’m ready to get that process started. My current Responsible Managing Employee (RME) has been aware this would be the eventual outcome, and we are trying to determine timing as far as him reactivating his own license, me being added to the license, and any other possible factors that may contribute to any possibility of both of us not having an Active license at all times.

A: Unfortunately, at this time with the pandemic we are experiencing, it is very difficult to predict timing.  The CSLB is still working, but not with a full staff working full-time, so currently, I can’t give you a definitive answer on timing.  As we continue to “social distance” and have a better idea of when we all can get back to our routine working environments, I will then be more comfortable with “timing” questions.  We are still here to help, and we can process both the replacement application as well as the reactivation.  

To Reschedule a Cancelled Exam:

Be sure to include your name and application number. Please note that CSLB is waiving the rescheduling fee for cancelled exams.

For Enforcement Questions/Issues:

Be sure to include your phone number and other relevant information, such as a complaint number, license number, citation or case number. 

Who can work? You should refer to the state’s COVID-19 website:, which includes a “List of Critical Infrastructure Workers.” Be aware that the list can change as the situation dictates.”

With print space limits, Capitol Services is open and ready to assist contractors with any additional questions or issues, as we have for more than 30 years as your expert resource. We hope that everyone stays safe out there in this difficult time. Wash your hands often, cover coughs or sneezes and respect the social distancing rules. 

NOTE: This is how it was during the Covid Pandemic. This information is provided to help research the changes contractor’s faced in this crisis period. Please seek updated info at or contact Capitol Services, Inc.