Law Exam, Expired License Bids, Late Renewals and Power of Attorney

Getting your contractor license doesn’t end when you get a number. For some just qualifying can be the issue that holds them up in getting started, for others staying ahead of the paperwork and important dates in keeping the license stops them in their tracks! As I always advise clients keep your paperwork and address up to date and avoid problems…

Q: I am looking into obtaining my own Contractor’s license. I’m reading that I will be required to take a “Law” exam in addition to the trade exam. I’m not at all worried about the trade exam, I have been doing construction work most of my adult life, but the law exam has me a little worried! Is it one of those things that just sounds scarier than it actually is?

A: Well, I’ll start by saying that I’m not a Contractor and have never taken the exam myself. BUT I have certainly assisted hundreds of contractors obtain their licenses, and if you ask the test takers which exam is “harder” between the Trade or the Law, more often it’s the Trade exam. The Law exam is testing your knowledge of Contractor business related matters such as contracts, finances, licensing requirements, job safety, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable with the business side, it would just take a little bit of studying and you should be just fine. 

Q.  I sent my renewal in weeks ago and it shows on the Internet that my license has expired.  Can I still legally work and pull permits?

A.  NO, if your license is expired, you technically are not able to contract. Once the CSLB processes your application, it will show as “Active” and in good standing.

Q:  My license is set to expire, and I can’t find my renewal.  I called the CSLB to order another one and they told me that they send them out by regular mail.  I’m concerned that with the mailing time and processing time once I send it back, it will show Expired for a period of time.  Anything you can do to help?

A:  First of all, we can pick up one up for you in person if you authorize us to do so with a Power of Attorney.  We can then email to you for signature and you can send it back to us with the State fee and we can deliver it for you.  Secondly, I would recommend that just in case they don’t process it in time, you request that the CSLB retroactively renew your license to the expiration date.  They typically do this anyway, as long as the renewal was submitted in a timely fashion, but at least you would have something on file making this request.