Authorized Signers & Renewals

People come and go but the records filed remain the same! While our mobiles send us constant alerts to this and that, will it remind you when your license needs to be renewed? Let me share how to expertly deal with these tricky issues…

Q: I received a letter from the CSLB stating it’s time to renew our license. The letter states the license cannot be renewed until our Officer list is updated as reflected with the CA Secretary of State. In looking at the SOS records, they don’t seem to be updated either! In fact, none of the individuals most recently listed are even with the Company anymore. Our Company has gone through several personnel changes and have obviously failed to notify the State of California. To add another monkey wrench in the situation, our “RME” is now an Officer so that’s not even correct! Can you tell us what needs to be done to get everything updated and the license renewed?

A: First, you will need to file a new Statement of Information listing your most current President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Then you can update the CSLB with your new Officers and at the same time file to disassociate the individuals who are no longer with the Company. Remember, each new Officer you are adding will be required to get fingerprinted so being that your license expires soon, you should start the process asap! Let us know if you need any assistance, it can be tricky updating a license where there are no current authorized signers.

Renewal Reminders: To ensure a timely renewal of your license, be sure to keep your license information updated! Items you will want to keep in order are bonds, insurance, current officers of record, current qualifying individual, and Secretary of State entity status.

Q: You helped me get my Company license back in 2018. I remember when we originally spoke and before we got started with the process, you had told me I wouldn’t qualify for the license because I didn’t have the requisite experience, therefore I hired an RME. If I remember correctly, it was four years. I received the 2ndrenewal for the license recently which reminded me that it’s been four years now! Can I take over the license now? Will I have to take the exams, or will I be able to waive the testing?

A: You are correct, it is four years of experience required to qualify the license, so it’s that time! You will not qualify for a Waiver of the exams with four years of experience, however if you are willing to wait another year, after five years of being listed as an Officer on the license, you can apply to take over the license and request a Waiver of the exams.