Revocation Recovery, Required Info and Concrete Pumping Rule

Enough is enough. Knowing just how much to share in an ‘official’ answer is one reason to have an expert option! Another is knowing when a license is required, or not, especially across a state border. These and a thousand other questions answered expertly every day. Being a licensed contractor isn’t easy but many ‘minds’ make working, or going back to work, easier when we put our heads together…

Q:  I currently have a CA “C-61”/”D-06” (Concrete related services) license and my company does concrete pumping.  We have some potential work in Nevada and have reviewed their classification list and it doesn’t appear that they have anything that is equivalent.  Do I even need a license to perform this work there?

A:  Thank you for contacting us.  If all you are doing is delivering and pumping from the truck then no, a contractor’s license is not required in Nevada.  

Q: I have a couple of criminal convictions from years ago.  The NV license application instructs me to complete a disclosure statement for each conviction.  I don’t remember the details of each incident so how do I fill these out?  Should I go request documents from the County to get case numbers and such?

A:  No, most of the time it is not necessary to provide official court records.  We always recommend you complete them as well/much as you can.  Case numbers and specific dates are not required, just general information, whatever you can remember, for each conviction is required.  

Q:  My license was revoked for reasons that I won’t get into and since then I’ve been working for another licensed company.  I’d like to get my license back, is that possible?

A:  It’s possible.  You need to re-apply for the license and as long as it’s been under 5 years since the revocation you would not need to re-test.  To re-instate your license you would have to show proof that you have fully complied with the terms and conditions of the revocation.   In addition, you will likely need to post a Disciplinary Bond in addition to the Contractor’s Bond.  If you are applying under the same entity with the same personnel, and the entity is in good standing with the Secretary of State, you can request that the license number be re-issued.