AZ Qualifier, Down Payments and Fire Alarm Scope of Work

I will put out one ‘fire’ and kindle a second before I send another contractor to a higher power on a CA license question and wrap up in AZ. Here to help you answer your license issues, how can I help you? Got a question?

Q: I would like your help in pursuing a fire alarm license for myself, to be attached to my business. As you may recall, you helped me about 2 years ago to obtain my “C-16” (Fire Protection).  I would like to now add fire alarm services for my business. My first question is, do you know if I should pursue a “C-7” (Low Voltage) license, a “C-10” (Electrical) license or both? Second, can I use my “C-16” experience to qualify for the electrical licenses? I’ve been working alongside electrical contractors while doing our fire protection installations.

A: For fire alarms, you would need the “C-10” (Electrical) license. The “C-7” Low Voltage classification specifically doesn’t include fire alarm installation. If you have at least four years of experience doing electrical work and you are comfortable passing the “C-10” exam, then you should be fine. We would be happy to help!

Q: I heard there was something that a Contractor can apply for with the CSLB to be able to collect more than 10% down on a home improvement project. Are you familiar with this?

A: What you are referring to is a Blanket Performance and Payment Bond. From what I understand, it is very difficult to qualify for, there are only a handful of licensees which have this attached to their license. Because they are so rare, I am not an expert on the requirements, but I believe your company needs to be a publicly traded entity and meet financial requirements as well. You’ll want to contact the CSLB for further information.

Q: We are a licensed flooring contractor in Arizona. We need to add a tile license as well. I spoke with someone at the AZ Registrar of Contractors, and they informed me that if I were to hire another licensed Arizona tile contractor to act as our qualifying party, he/she would need to own at least 25% of our business. Is the same true if I were to hire a CA Licensed tile contractor to be our AZ qualifier?

A: If you were to hire a licensed CA Tile Contractor to be your AZ qualifier, he/she would not be required to own at least 25% of your company as long as they aren’t already licensed in AZ. Each State only has jurisdiction to place rules on ownership within its own State. If the individual is actively licensed in CA, they should qualify for a Waiver of the Trade exam, but they would still be required to take the online Statutes and Rules exam for AZ.