EV Charger Installs, AZ RME and Signing Authority

First, a nod to knowing with an expert solution to share with all contractors. When it comes to fingerprinting once is not enough for some…

Q: If I am an RME for a company in CA, can I also be a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for a different company in AZ? I know California only allows RME’s to be one license at a time. Does Arizona have the same requirement?

A: Arizona has the same rule regarding common ownership being a pre-requisite for qualifying multiple companies at the same time. However, each State only has jurisdiction over their own State, and they don’t have the authority to tell you what licenses you can be on in another State. Therefore, you can be the RME for one company in CA, and at the same time be the qualifying party for a different company in AZ (AZ doesn’t use the term “RME”).

Q: We currently have a “C-10” (Electrical) license. We install EV charging stations. Our attorney has raised some concern when he was reviewing our contracts about the concrete part of our jobs. We subcontract the work for the trenching but then fill in the holes with concrete and install the charging system. Do we need a concrete license in addition to our “C-10” license?

A: The “C-10” is proper/sufficient for installing EV charging systems. The trenching, backfilling, and surfacing is all incidental and supplemental to the overall EV charger installation. With the Electrical, all of the work involved in the EV charger installation can be self-performed or sub-contracted to properly licensed contractors.

Q: We need to add a couple of Officers to our license to give them signing authority. Both of the Officers reside in Illinois. Do they have to get fingerprinted with hard copy cards locally, or will they have the option to come to CA and do live scan? Additionally, one of our Officers has been fingerprinted before through the DOJ I believe for other licenses. To confirm, will he need to complete another fingerprint for CSLB or are the prints reciprocating through the FBI/DOJ?

A: The first step to getting fingerprinted is getting the applications to add them to the license submitted to the CSLB. The Officers cannot fingerprint ahead of time, they have to wait for the forms from the CSLB once the applications have been approved. When the CSLB sends them the fingerprint packet, they will include both options for live scan in CA or hard copy cards locally. Unless the individuals have specifically been fingerprinted for the CSLB, they will need to be printed again. Fingerprint results are not transferable from one requesting agency to another.