Removing a License Class, 5 Year Rule and General Building Scope

Contractor license regulation can seem like a slippery slope. But don’t expect they let anything ‘slide’. A General finds themselves out ‘classed’, while another contractor discovers how deep the hole they’ve ‘dug’ is.  Like the ‘lifeguard’ of complex rules, don’t worry, I will throw them a ‘lifesaver’…

Q: We have an employee that had a “C-33” license in California with his previous employer his disassociation date was 4/6/2018. If we apply for an exemption, would they let the 3 months slide you think? 

A: Definitely not. The CSLB does not even let one day slide when it comes to the five-year rule. He will be required to take the law and trade exams again.

Q: Does a “B” (General Building) license allow you to self-perform certain trades without the actual classification or just allow you to be a prime and sub out trades you’re not holding the classification for?  More specifically, I’m wondering about the application of air and moisture barrier. We currently have a “B” and I’m wondering if we need to add the “C-33” or some other waterproofing specialty classification?

A: The “B” allows you to take a prime contract or a subcontract for a framing or carpentry project. However, a General Building contractor cannot take a prime contract for any project trades other than framing or carpentry unless the prime contract requires at least two unrelated building trades other than framing/carpentry. Therefore, if you are wanting to take projects for air and moisture barrier application with no additional unrelated trades included, you would most definitely need to add the specialty classification to your license.

Q: I am a licensed “B” and “C-53” (Swimming Pool) contractor. I just received my bond renewal, and it is tripled in cost. When I called the bonding company, they said that it was because I am a pool contractor. Have you ever heard of this? I don’t remember the cost of my bond ever being based on the type of contractor I am! And if that’s true, how do I go about removing the “C-53”  from my license? I obtained that years ago when pool construction was a large part of my general building, but I don’t really do pool construction anymore.

A: Yes, I have heard that the bond premium for pool contractors and roofing contractors is higher than that of other classifications. You can complete an application to remove that classification from your license if you no longer use it.