Hydro-Jetting, License Application Alteration and Synthetic Turf Install

Is the ‘grass’ greener with another class? Let’s cross this off your list when it comes to renewals, and I ‘sign off’ on another idea before helping a business go ‘down the drain’ in a good way…

Q: We have had a “C-27” license for over 30 years. We’ve done thousands of synthetic turf jobs, but recently we’ve had several HOA’s require the “D-12” to do turf installation. Have you heard of that and how difficult is it to add it to our license?

A: I have heard that a lot lately, which is strange since you can do turf installation with a “C-27” (Landscaping)  license. Ultimately, it’s up to the project owner what type of license they want you to have. It sounds like you certainly meet the experience requirement to add it your license, and there’s no trade exam so it should be a no brainer!

Q: We received our license renewal in the (snail) mail, and it lists Officers who are no longer with our company. Can I just cross out their names and have the remaining Officers and the RMO sign?

A: No! Please don’t alter the CSLB renewal form or it will be rejected. You can submit Disassociation notices for the individuals who are no longer with the company. They need to be signed by a current Officer listed on the license. As far as who signs your renewal application, since your Qualifier is an RMO (Responsible Managing Officer), it only needs to be signed by him. He meets the signature requirement for both the Qualifier and an Officer.

Q: I am familiar with the requirement for an RME (Responsible Managing Employee) in California to work a certain number of hours for the company. We are interested in hiring a licensed Qualifier to help obtain a Nevada license. Does Nevada have those same hour requirements for the Qualifying employee?

A: No, they do not. Nevada requires the Qualifying Party to be a bona fide employee of the licensee and to be responsible for overseeing and making technical and administrative decisions for the company. Additionally, they are required to devote themselves solely to the employer’s/licensee’s business and not take any other employment which conflicts with his/her duties. But no hour requirement!

Q: My husband and I want to open a business doing Hydro jetting in California. We would not be doing any repairing or modifications of any kind, only Hydro jetting. Is there any specific license that is needed other than the city license?

A: The hydro jetting and camera inspections of sewer/drain lines does not require a contractor’s license, as long as there are no repairs or alterations done to the system.